What's That Listing of Busiest Messageboards?

I know I’ve seen it quoted here - it’s a ranking of messageboards by traffic or membership or something.

And is there one that ranks them by quality of content?

I’m trying to find out which of the mothering websites is the biggest and/or best one.

Is this it http://www.big-boards.com/

Hot damn! Thank you!

What is it about the Dutch and their horses that puts them at #21 in total posts with only 61,000 subs?

SDMB has closer to 63,000 and we’re 109th in total posts, in between a forum about “trance music” (wtf?) and another about roleplaying. Ai yi yi. :rolleyes:

I’m surprised RPG.net is so low, actually. I think there’s a few Dopers who are also there, assuming some usernames are the same.

Maybe Dutch equestrians post about their horses, for their horses, as their horses, to their horses, while on their horses…