Were the Dallas Stars once called the Lone Stars?

I’m pretty sure I remember them being the Lone Stars when they first moved from Minnesota. If true, why are they now only the Dallas Stars?

Nope. The Dallas Stars were the name on moving to Texas.

Perhaps you’re thinking of them being called the “Minnesota North Stars” before they moved to Dallas?

I thought they went from the North stars to the Lone Stars. Well I guess I lost my bet then.

I remember when they moved thinking the Lone Stars would have been a good name. Except for the fact that you can’t really have more than one Lone Star or it wouldn’t be “lone”.

Well, there’s only one “North Star,” too, so I don’t really think it would be a problem to call the team the “Lone Stars.”

How about “Loan Stars”?
They could get a TV show on the History Channel.:wink:

Or a Reality Show on CNBC about the Banking Business.