Were there any cases of left-wing domestic terrorism in the USA in the 1990s and 2000s?

After the Weather Underground and the Symbionese Liberation Army had been disintegrated?

Sure, lots of 'em. Do you possibly mean fatalities due to left-wing domestic terrorism?

Also, I’m not sure if “2000s” is meant to be confined to a single decade (2000-2009) or include the time period up through today.

Not necessarily fatalities, no. I’m talking any crimes that could be considered terrorism (such as bombings and arsons that didn’t end up murdering anyone). I’m just interested in some specific cases/incidents. And yeah, by 2000s I meant up to 2009/10.

Go here and search. You’ll find quite a few that fit your criteria. Here’s just one example:

There is ELF.
ETA a NYT article from 2002.

For people who claim to care deeply for the environment, they light an awful lot of shit on fire.

You’re always going to have difficulty with competing definitions of “terrorism” and “left-wing”, but the answer is pretty clearly “yes.” I think that 2013 this report from the Congressional Research Service provides a decent overview of domestic terrorism.

It is critical to put bounds on what you think is political terrorism.

The term Left-wing terrorism is typically reserved for attempts to overthrow conservative or capitalist systems and replace them with Marxist–Leninist, socialist, or anarchist societies. There have been attacks by groups who may have left-wing beliefs, but they are typically not all specifically intended to overthrow the government system.

In other words; All ewes are sheep, but not all sheep are ewes.

While it does depend on what you define terrorism as, after the fall of the USSR removed the momentum of a lot of organized groups, most left-wing groups like anarchists and Leninists have tended to be intentionally decentralized with instances still happening but not at the scale.

While the exact reasons are mostly unknown the groups that follow right-wing political platform ideals like Islamophobia, anti-communism, neo-fascism and neo-Nazism tend to be more likely to organize.

While not required to cause an individual to commit an act of terrorism, group membership is typically a highly motivating factor and functions to amplify emotions through propaganda and self-group identification.

If the fads on the left-wing side change to forming structured groups again I would expect both the frequency and severity of attacks to increase.

The long running ecoterror firebombing campaign was also linked to ALF (Animal Liberation Front.) Frequently the perpetrators, when caught, were affiliated with both groups.

Here’s a look at the eco-terror campaign and the FBI finally breaking it’s back. The AALF/ELF linked terror campaign started in the 90s, really got going in 1999, and peaked in 2001 with 163 incidents. After that attacks dwindled until the terror campaign in the US was effectively over by 2012.

The typical ALF/ELF attack was a firebombing. That last link also starts with a case against someone convicted, before it was overturned, of plotting to blow up a damn and several cell phone towers.

Thank you for the link, quite helpful and informative, I will search it there.

Pretty much the whole TV show whale wars.

LOL! Those guys were hilarious to watch. If they weren’t lighting their own ships on fire or sinking them, they were engaged in a half-dozen other forms of incompetent buffoonery. I’m baffled that people like Bob Barker ever thought they were a good investment.

The Unabomber committed 4 acts of terrorism during the 90s.

Are you including mass murders that were not entirely unreasonable?

Kaczynski spent a lot of time in his manifesto specifically denouncing leftists.

There is no indication anywhere he considered himself left wing. Quite the opposite.

Also, in reading up on ALF I see nothing that would indicate the group has a left vs. right wing orientation. It seems to be a single-issue group on a topic that isn’t on the left-right spectrum.

Did they ever catch the group of people that were fire bombing rich people’s homes mostly in Oregon I think?

Yes, he quite clearly disdained leftists. I definitely never thought of him as a left wing terrorist, but I also never thought of him as a right-wing terrorist. His political philosophy just seemed sui generis to me.

I think you are thinking about the “Street of Dreams” fires that were blamed on the ELF.

While the arson are unsolved, the builder was convicted for tax fraud and the general word on the street is that the arson were related to an insurance fraud by the same individuals, but the state couldn’t establish enough evidence in the case to press charges.

The ELF was likely targeted due to that builder identifying with the right side of the isle. Not that the ELF didn’t commit these type of acts, but in this case it most likely was not the ELF that actually committed these acts.


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