Were you ever an extra?

I was an extra in the movie “Keeping the Faith.” You can see me for about 2 seconds, I’m in the balcony of the synagogue. Not too long after that there’s a closeup of the friend who told me about getting to be an extra, which is pretty neat.

Anyone else?

How much did you get paid? Did you get to meet the actors, directors, etc? How does it work, being an extra?

I was in “a league of their own”. I get some nice face time, too. I’m the kid who goes up and says, “Please Mr. Dougan can we have you autograph please?”

I have a baseball with all the stars’ and Penny Marshall’s autographs, so I guess I did. :slight_smile:

I was in a restaurant scene for about a second in a UCLA student film called “Free Dirt” that probably nobody ever saw except a film professor. That count? :wink:

I have never been an extra, but if I could I would.

I wish I would have known when “A Beautiful Mind” was filming in Princeton, or that region, I would have taken off work to be an extra in that movie.

I didn’t get paid. There were some paid extras, but the website my friend worked for at the time was somehow involved in the movie and they were asked to offer up being an extra to whomever. So I was there just for the fun of it.

I didn’t meet anyone, but Edward Norton and Jenna Elfman walked THISclose by me.

Oh and there was an announcement before we filed in to do a scene in the temple: “Please do not approach Ms. Bancroft or ask her for autographs. Again, we ask that you do not bother Ms. Bancroft.”

I was an extra in my own dramatic television series, “Murder by Numbers,” if that counts… and yes, I made mine long before the Sandra Bullock movie, and mine was better. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just missed a chance to be an extra in “Rose Red,” the Stephen King miniseries that filmed some scenes only a couple miles away from where I worked. Bummed out about that, I was.

One Trick Pony a punk rock concert-goer

Matlock episode? Featured extra!!! got an extra “bump” (that means more money) for playing the assistant D.A. I’ve never seen my episode :frowning:

pilot episode for China Beach I was at a firebase as a soldier and later in a bar scene yelling “hey Boomer! more peanuts!”

It was fun, then I got a real job.

I was an extra in Deathtrap (shot the same day Reagan was shot), Wrong is Right and Rollover. I had a bit part in Polyester, but was cut to an extra in the edting room: you can still see me in the Alcoholic Anonymous scene.

Well, I wasn’t, but my ex-husband was an extra on Born on the Fourth of July. He can be seen very clearly watching the parade in the beginning of the film. Either he got paid, or he had sponsors that got paid (he was only 16 or so at the time), I know someone got paid.

They also had an announcement “Please do not approach Mr. Cruise or ask him for autographs”, not only did my ex approach him, he also approached a lady taking polaroids for continuity, and now he has a nice polaroid with Tom Cruise and his dog. He did say that Mr. Cruise was really nice, and took the time to chit chat a bit.

Rocky V

Worth Winning

Stealing Home
Pay = zero

I was a teamster driver and they always found a place for us in the movies.

In Rocky V, I am ringside for all the fight scenes. I was friendly with Stallone, and Mark Harmon in the other movies. We hung out after work.

Can’t make this shit up.

I stole Mark Harmon’s leather coat from one movie, and Stallone stole my Lock Up video that I lent him (he signed my Lock Up poster, as my family owned a local video store, which also comes to explain how he got Lock Up off me. Again, you cannot make this shit up.

What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted?, which was the sequel to Once Were Warriors.

Along with a group of friends (all invited by one of the casting crew), we spent a day as extras in one of numerous fight scenes set in a bar.

We were paid indirectly - our sports club received a donation for our time.

Heh. I was in the parade scene in Ferris Buehler’s Day Off. With my kid. And my post follows Ferris! That must mean something!

You can almost certainly see me in <gasp>

<I can’t believe I’m going to admit to this>

Freddy Got Fingered

I was in a shopping mall (Lougheed Mall in Burnaby, BC to be exact) when I walked out of a store and some kid on a skateboard (or something) went blowing by me and some pseudo-security guards where chasing him. The camera followed and I can’t imagine it didn’t get me in it. Immediately afterwards, Tom Greene yelled “Cut and Wrap” so I think they used the scene.

I haven’t quite got up the courage to actually see that flick though.

I think I might be in Carpool quite by accident as well.

About 1988 or so DesertWife and I were unpaid (except for lunch) crowd extras for a movie whose working title was A Touch of Wing. It was a sort of “Karate Kid goes to college” movie and we were needed for the grand finale where the bad guys get their comeuppance at the Big Karate Tournament. They used the old gym at San Jose state for the shoot, and we were supposed to be the spectators up in the stands. A bunch of kids in their ghis from several martial arts schools were closer to the action on the gym floor. Other contestants, I suppose.

It was about a ten hour day, including lunch and, from what little I saw shot (maybe about three minutes after cutting) it didn’t look like Oscar material. Didn’t find out what it’s release title (if any) was; never saw anything like it in the the theaters or on the shelf in the video store. I guess it went to that big movie limbo in the sky, unreleased.


Uh, sort of.

Back in April, they were filming “Spiderman 2” at Columbia. I go to Barnard, so naturally I was curious. It was a great day, and lots of people were hanging around. There was a hyper-tense lady who kept telling the throngs of students to get back. It was really funny to keep walking in the “danger zones” and watch everyone get pissed.

Apparently, I and this guy were allowed to be in the scene if we acted natural, but then were told to leave. Ah, show biz.

I worked one day and one night as an extra on The Class of Nuke 'Em High, Part III, back in 1990.
I made $40 and the director, Eric Louzil, bought us pizza.
At the night shoot, I was in a crowd of homeless guys, and I was attacked by a wolf-monster (actually a puppet head).
A couple of days later I was in a crowd of protestors at an abortion clinic and then in the background at a politician’s speech.
I’ve never seen this movie–has anyone else?–so I don’t even know if I’m visible.
Hmm, I see it’s for sale at Amazon.com…should I?

I was an extra in “D2: The Mighty Ducks.” This was way back when Disney first built the Pond (hockey stadium), so it was a new experience. I was one of the audience in the stadium.

The funny thing is that half the seats in the place were taken by cardboard cutouts of people. And of those cutouts, there were only about five different faces - only the shirt colors were changed.

I was “paid” in pizza and a pack of trading cards. I forget what they were; something Disney-related I’m sure.

Out of curiosity, are any of you listed in IMDB?

I suspect a few are, as a close friend of mine is listed and his role is much smaller than many listed here. He was a bagpiper seen far away in The Onion Field.

Maybe we could start up a Degrees of Seperation from Eve game for kicks.

I was an extra in an episode of Nash Bridges.

::waits for hushed murmurring to subside::

They had announced that they were blocking off our street so they could park their trailers on it, and when I complained they asked if I wanted to be an extra. “Oh, so you think you can walk all over the little guy by…an extra you say?” :slight_smile:

In the scene, Nash roughs up some guy at the corner store and throws him through the window, while I recoil in horror as he flies through the glass on the sidewalk right in front of me. They paid the storeowner to replace the window with sugar glass, then replace it again when they were finished. It took about five takes, and the stuntman missed the mat on the last take, cutting himself. There was a bloodstain on the sidewalk for a few weeks - the film crew didn’t clean it up. <!>