Were you molested?

Many thoughts came to mind when reading this thread


I wondered if I could get a sense from this community how many males vs females were molested as children and how many were not molested at all. I realize that this is a flawed poll in that not all will read or respond to the poll. I’m simply curious, in a “What the Heckity?” way.

Should have an “I have no idea” option.

Yes, I was raped twice (two different rapists, a year apart in time)

Sorry John DiFool, could you clarify your comment? Are you suggesting it may have taken place prior to cognitive awareness, as in infancy?

That is simply awful. I am so sorry. I have partly asked this question because my husband was gang-raped as a teenager. In his case it was politically motivated, but very difficult to move past on that basis. It creates “sexual scars” regardless of the motivation.

I wish you the best, MrDibble.

That’s OK, I’ve gotten over it, more or less. Thanks for the kind wishes, though.

I’m curious as to what that means? Was he from a area with civil war or brutal government?

A politically-motivated gang rape? What exactly does that mean, if you don’t mind elaborating a little bit?

Over a period of a few days, maybe weeks. I have little memory of it.

While unscientific (to say the least), the poll so far seems remarkably close to what conventional wisdom tells us about these types of stats…

roughly 1 in 4 women have been sexually assaulted at some point
roughly 1 in 8 men…

I’m guessing it was a hate crime.

No option for “Yes, I have a niece who is my half-sister?”

Yes, I was by my youngest step-brother. It only happened twice, but it took years to come to terms with.

Yes, by two different stepfathers. They ripped my heart out. Thank Og there’s life after childhood.

Yes, by a friend of the family. As olivesmarch4th said, thankfully there is life after childhood.


How does that answer the question? (I’m sorry if the answer is obvious. Too little sleep and a super-early day at work today).

For those who’ve asked, and without revealing too much information, it would best be described as a time of civil unrest coupled with a hate crime. My husband represented the “governing” class and landed a summer line job in a company who employed working class men of a different culture within the same country who felt oppressed. My understanding is that they wanted to teach him a lesson about who was really in charge.

I don’t mean to be overly obscure but out of respect for my husband’s privacy I wouldn’t want to reveal too many identifying details.

I was molested by my father at six and by a neighborhood teen at around eight years old.

i was molested from the time I was ~7 until I was 14, by a man who rented a room from my parents, and molested two of my older sisters before he moved on to me.

My mother knew it was happening. :frowning:

Yeah. age 11, by my dad. My mom didn’t know about it. If she had, one or both of my parents would not likely have survived the ensuing confrontation, which is why I never told her until last year.

I’ve never been molested, but when I was 8 to 9 years old, I was friends with a man who was very clearly grooming me. He showered me with gifts and candy. He had lots of video games and gaming systems, and I just loved going over there (all alone, of course) to play them. He gave me food and brought me to restaurants. One night, we were out so late, my parents called the police. He would sometimes go naked in front of me. Once, he said he would give me a toy, but only if I kissed him on the lips. I didn’t want to and said as much, so he took the toy away. I ended up kissing him, because I was a child who really, really wanted that toy.

I’m very glad it never went beyond that.