Weren't the two Relativity threads merged?

In IMHO, there’s “How to move faster than c” and “Why Special Relativity is wrong.” I thought the two were merged, but the second one is still active. Did they get separated again, or was I wrong in thinking they were merged?

Anyway…if they’re separate…maybe they would best be merged?

3 other threads were merged to the one “how to move faster than c” - the original “why SR is wrong” has been left alone…

I believe it was a thought experiment in what happens when three distinct threads about the same thing occupy the same forum at the same time - it appears that in different frames of reference there may have been 5 or 2 threads and some number of post shrinkage or expansion, depending on when you got into he shaky elevator and dropped the clock while spinning counter clockwise.

I do not believe the 2 remaining threads should be merged or there may be a paraclox of random proportions.

Ah! All clear now. My frame of reference has now been reconciled with yours.

I can find the threads in question, but if I read posts I don’t know which thread they’re in.

<Cpt. Picard>
</Cpt/ Picard>

All the vowels were from the first two threads, while all the consonants came from the next three.

There’s also another thread out there about assignment statements in C, with some posts discussing the speed of C versus assembly language. It seems that you thus can exceed the speed of C if you’re very careful. The mods should have merged that thread with the others, I think.

There’s only one in IMHO now.

How to have light move faster than C was warped over to the Pit. :smiley:

I’ve closed the one in IMHO due to mythoughts saying he was about to take his schtick there again.

Really, he’s made 4 topics about the same thing in the last week and all of them are just repeating the same points over and over. We don’t need 4 different topics about it, especially 4 different ones with all of them being virtually him VS everyone else in a debate. One is fine, enough, and that one is located here now. I moved it to the Pit because it was getting pretty heated (by the OP himself).
If anyone else would like to seriously discuss relativity, with actual cites and facts to back up their posts, feel free to use Great Debates, which is what that forum is for.

They’re multiplying. There is one in GD now.

He doesn’t do math. He said so.

Why are we being enablers?

I can’t quite tell from context whether this is meant to be humorous or not (no judgement from me either way.) It is, I think, a good question.

Each thread is half closed until you open it.

But is the cat alive or dead?


Oh, the choices we make.

If the multiverse theory is correct, we could make both choices.