Wesley Clark is soooo busted!

Fox News and the Drudge Report have been constantly running a story about videotape footage of Wesley Clark in May 2001 praising Condi Rice, Colin, Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, and other figures of George W. Bush’s new presidential administration, for tow days now they have been headlining it!


Ummmm… is this some terrible character flaw? Too me is simply indicates how much life has changed since the spring of 2001. People did have a lot of confidence in that team then. And he praised Reagan as well. Reagan, now there’s a man of principle who would never have considered shifting his allegiance from one party to another right?

Meanwhile Colin Powell is on a tape from early 2001 stating that Iraq has been successfully contained and has no WMD programs. No mention of that one…


I am willing to believe Wesley Clark is not as upright and full of integrity as some people would have us think, but so far the dirt on Clark is some of the weakest shit I have ever seen. Where’s the drunken parties with strippers? The nduie pictures? The two year gap in the military record? The bubbly and extroverted interns without typing skills?
Maybe I really am too partisan and someone else sees only hypocrisy here…

I have no typing skills either…

I think I speak for everyone, Democrat and Republican, when I state that no one wants to see nudie pictures of Wesley Clark.

OK, maybe not everyone – he’s got a good physique. But most people! The occasional California gubernatorial candidate aside, politicians should wear clothes.

Ah yes, it is a shame that this is the best dirt they can come up with on Clark. Pretty soon, the Bush camp is going to state that Clark is not fit for the job, being that “C” comes after “B”.

That the publicity arm of the National Republican Party, by way of its running dogs Drudge and Fox News, are after General Clark is a good indication that he scares the willies out of the NRP. He’s not my choice, but any thing that makes the present Administration and the powers that control it nervous is OK by me.

I’m not quite sure I follow how this is supposed to be a big deal. A lot of the flack the Bush Administration is getting and a lot of the anger it is getting comes from what has followed since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. It’s certainly possible that, in Clark’s opinion, the Bush Administration was worthy of praise in what, at the time, was its infancy. If I recall correctly, the only major issues that the administration dealt with at the time were the spy plane incident, a prelimenary bombing of Iraq for violating sanctions, and pulling out of the Kyoto accords. Following the military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq, Clark could have changed his mind about the administration.

If I’m missing something here, would someone please clue me in?

I don’t think it’s that any of that stuff makes Clark a bad person. I believe the point is that some people are questioning his credentials as a Democrat. He voted for Nixon and Reagan, for example, and apparently was chummy with some of these people. It’s a legit question I guess. Reagan attracted a lot of Democrats, of course, which is what Clark’s campaign is saying he could do in the opposite direction. As a guy who could vote for him, I haven’t really decided if this makes much difference to me.

Well, since voting is private, voting for Nixon and Reagan is kinda hard to verify.

Really though what would you expect a General to say about an administration? I certainly heard that thought echoed pre and post election by many a person across multiple party stripes that "Bush is nothing but look at the awesome team he has put together. " Not sure when he retired, but Clark is a general and a politician trying to get the best deal for the military. Reagan spent money like crazy on the military. Again what would you expect Clark to say back then?

I know what you mean. I’d like to see Arianna Huffington naked too.

As regards the Clark quote, there appears to be some mendacity afoot. I refer you to the estimable site Media Whores Online for more on the story


in which they offer thier opinion that its a crock o’ shit served up by Drudge. (The relevent passages are about half-way down the page, scroll down past the story about Colin Powell being shorn of his last shred of dignity and credibility)

My take is much like Spav: if they’re working the machinery this damn hard, its 'cause they’re scared. Karl Rove dreams of the Wild Wild Wes standing next to the flight suit and he wakes up screaming.

And, say, while your at it, why not go over and check out Mr. Michah’s Talking Points about top Pubbies lining up for a slice of Iraq. Its a bit down the page titled “Crony-Palooza”



So apparently Clark has changed his mind.

Without agreeing with Clark’s opinions I generally think it’s a sign of advanced stupidity when one’s opinions become immutable.

Political animals are a curious breed. Look at Powell. A retired four-star, who believes in gun-control, is pro-choice, and favors affirmative action programs and expanding the social safety net. Those things by themselves would ‘call into question his credentials as a Republican,’ but there he is. Party alliances, IMO, rarely mean anything in these modern times. Democrats are still Democrats, and Republicans are Lite Democrats. It will take an independant of the Jesse Ventura vein (the Libertarianism movement, the Reform party, whatever) with some new and fresh ideas that are packaged and who is willing to follow through and meet the demands that their constituants are wanting.

I dont see what the big deal, picking a political party because you believe in it instead of believing in whatever your party believes (like people like Carville, Hannity or Coulter do) is admirable. And Clark said that due

I’m sure the fact that being republican would’ve put his chances of becoming president at 0% had a factor too.

“hmm, do i join the party where George Bush already has the nomination or the party where 9 people, some who are controversial civil rights leaders and several who are no names with little leadership are squabbling amonst each other?”

i should proofread these things before i hit reply.

what i meant to say is

And Clark said that due to the countries domestic policies and foreign policies that have occured under the republican admin he is choosing to be a democrat.

No kidding- I voted for Reagan and Bush Sr. (the first time), then for Clinton.

Alot of people’s opinion of Bush Jr. were undually inflated after 9/11. In times of crisis you tend to support the leader you have. After Iraq, the huge budget deficit, the ill-considered tax cuts and poor economic and unemployment performance maybe he changed his mind. Or maybe he thought this way all along and could say anything while he was in uniform.

Or maybe he is just yet another politician. Then again, it only seems bad if someone changes position or party to the “other” side. If they come to “your” side they are brave and have vision.

Heavens knows if Clark has the goods or not, but in many ways he is everything Bush is not, and given that and the horrible polls numbers for Bush straight up and against Clark, the panicy smear attacks are all too predictable. The fact that Drudge has all but sold out was a bit of a surprise though.


Well, It would be better than seeing Larry Flynt naked. At least Arianna has control of her bowles.


Heh. Clark’s got a lot of people in a tizzy, it looks like, and they’re desperate to try to smear him with anything they got. What’s next? Lambasting him 'cuz he left the toilet seat up?

I heard on Drudge he returns his movies late. Obviously he is not fit to be President. Besides, he actually finished his military service and didn’t have his daddy’s friends get him into the Guard even though he wasn’t qualified- is that the sort of President you want running your country?

Speak for yourself, Manny! I think he’s hot – even though he is a little young for me…