West German Army pocket knife saw guard

The pocket knife that was used by the West German Army has a sheet metal guard that fits over the saw. Why? ISTM the saw blade would be well-enough protected in the body of the knife. Were the Germans concerned that soldiers would hurt themselves using the can opener? Or is there another function for this piece, that seems prone to loss?

The saw is wicked sharp and will shred your hand if you come in contact with it while using the can opener.

With that said I’ll just point out it has a cork screw on it in case they invade France.

Surely, in the few hours before the French surrendered, the German soldiers could steal some corkscrews!

I have not used a can opener at the end of a blade. The ones I’ve used have been their own blade (plus the wire stripper and screwdriver). I suppose when people are shooting at you and mortars are landing all around, a soldier might get a little clumsy opening his foraged can of sauerkraut.