West Wing 2/26 (spoilers, probably)

Did anyone but me catch The Princess Bride reference in WW last night?

I missed that one. What was it?

So, I guess Rob Lowe isn’t going to have a recurring cameo as a Congressman from CA. Toby pretty much wrote off his campaign.

Abby threw it in when she walked into Josh’s office. It was a take off of the line:

“You’ve beaten my giant, which means you’re exceptionally strong, so you could have put the poison in your own goblet, trusting in your strength to save you, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you. But, you’ve also bested my Spaniard.”

Dang, right now I can’t remember exactly what she said. Maybe someone who caught it on tape can post her quote.

Well, considering I was flipping through magazines while watching the show, I’m not surprised I missed that line.

I guess we now know that we’ll see Amy around for a while, now that she’s the First Lady’s chief of staff. That should make things interesting for Josh.

I can only hope that it takes the story line away from the tension that he and Donna have. I don’t want to see the show go down that road.

I missed the exact quote - but I loved Josh saying afterwards that she and Jed were perfect for each other.

Anyone else think “that’s it?” I was expecting more for Sam’s last episode - at least that he and Josh would have some screen time together… but now, he’s lost the election… what’s he doing next? I know the pres was going to make him an advisor, so why won’t we see him? Where’s he going to be? What’s the plan?

Rob Lowe was miffed at not getting a raise. Everyone else on the show did, so he left.

amarinth - I certainly felt that way. The only thing I felt for Sam Seaborne was that he should’ve gotten a haircut. No real regrets, even. Maybe they were giving Will Bailey all the best lines, I don’t know, but I just didn’t care.


Just for the record, he was already making more money than everyone except Martin Sheen.

Whoa. I think you’re jumping ahead a little. Sam and Toby were just talking about Sam probably losing. Hasn’t happened yet.

I’ve really gotten into this show, although I hadn’t watched it before this season. It’s a bit disturbing that, not only would I rather live in the fictional “West Wing” version of the U.S., I’d rather have any of the actors from the show, or even the guy who gets coffee on the set, sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office than the guy we have now.

There was a bit of implausible exposition – i.e., the President would certainly have known what a CIA “wet team” was. I knew, and I’m just a layman.

“You outwitted my chancellor, you bested my swordsman.”

I’d say that the connection to the Princess Bride is a bit tenuous.

I read an article on Lowe’s exit stating that he does win his congressional race, and that there will be cameo’s. Could be bunk. But it does go into detail on the reasons for his exit, namely that when he was the headliner, he made more money; but as the other characters got more popular, they demanded more money and got it; Lowe demanded a commensurate raise, and didn’t get it.

Is it just me, or is NBC getting pretty good at building star-proof shows?