Westboro Baptist Church on Showtime!

Yep, everybody’s favorite hate-mongers, Fred Phelps and Co., will be seen tonight on Showtime.


The documentary “Fall From Grace” is really, really interesting. I saw it when it aired here in Topeka, after debuting in Lawrence, Kansas. It was also seen at a film and music festival in Austin Texas. Now it looks as if it will be getting a wider audience.

When I saw it in Topeka it was at a special showing, with the young filmmaker present afterwards to answer questions. I urge folks to watch, even if the subject is oogy. Sad to see young kids parroting the hatred and bigotry of their parents. Jones was granted access to the family compound, and had a personal interview with ol’ Phred himself.

The article mentions that there will be a DVD coming from Netflix. I plan on buying it if it does actually make it.

It won’t be a fun show, but it is a worm’s eye view of how the Phelps clan operates.

Why give these hatemongering scumbags any more attention, the Phelps clan of cockroaches (actually, I shouldn’t say that, I don’t want to badmouth cockroaches, they are actually useful, serve a purpose and have an ecological place in the world, the same cannot be said for the Cult of Phelps) thrive on attention, deprive them of that attention and perhaps they’ll scurry away to hide under the fridge again

The best thing we could do for the world is to lock Scientology and the Cult of Phelps in the same room and let them at each other…

personally, I’d be rooting for Xenu, and I HATE scientology/scientologists