The Phelps and their WBC get a dash of their own medicine.

The following link is to an article appearing in today’s (3/14) Topeka Capital-Journal.

It’s about a movie(not a documentary) that portrays a fundie family that pickets funerals, that then start killing people so there will always be funerals to picket!:smiley:

Curious how they label the work of others as filth. They can sure dish it out, but they can’t take it. I’m going to have to see if I can see this film somewhere.

The only thing their church is after is attention. Making a movie that is sort off about them is exactly the kind of thing they are after.

I bet a hundred billion doallars that if somebody made a horror movie slamming the OP’s personal set of most deeply held beliefs he or she wouldn’t applaud and say “I can take it.”

I know very well what they are about, since I live in Topeka too and have participated in many a counter picket!:stuck_out_tongue:

What a lot of people don’t realize is that giving them attention or not doesn’t matter, they’ll still do what they do, and just keep ratcheting it up a notch.

Back in 1993, when this was starting, they didn’t picket funerals, just inveighed against homosexuality on street corners. Then they started faxing everyone, and the faxes kept getting nastier and bordered on porn.

Then they started picketing funerals and churches. Now it’s soldier’s funerals, and desecrating the American flag.

Like it or not we have to keep an eye on them, as they have physically attacked people in the past, like the minister of the church I was a member of back in 1998.

So we might as well poke fun at them!:smiley: I like it where the filmmaker refered to the WBC as his marketing partners!

When can I pick up the money? I’d put up with a lot for that much! LOL

I’m in Kansas City and I’m sorry I missed it. Those scumbags “protested” the funeral of one of my best friends.

I do wonder when Fred Phelps will be caught blowing some guy in an airport restroom.

I’d bet a hundred billion that Baker’s most deeply held beliefs don’t involve absolutely vile and disgusting public protests. (Not discounting the possibility that Baker does vile and disgusting things, but probably not on the street.)

I actually wonder how much Professional Fag Hating is really a deeply held belief versus habit to many of the Phelps clan. It will be interesting to see if they remain together once the old man finally dies.

Speaking of Fred’s death, can you even imagine the number of protesters that would generate? As fat and middle aged and loathing of dance music as I am even I’d be willing to wear a Speedo and a boa and dance to a blaring “It’s Raining Men!” in full view of the procession route.

I doubt he’s ever been a closeted gay man. I think he’s just absolutely batshit crazy control freak contrarian who considered public hatred of non-whites and Jews passé.

I can see why some might feel that way, but why give the old bastard his last moment of glory? Better to just ignore the guy. Let him be buried by his family while the world ignores the event. Send the message that nothing he ever did or said matters. To anybody. Forever.

Really? I have no desire to have gay sex, but am perfectly fine with others having gay sex. But often when I see someone this worked up with hatred of something, it is because they want that thing so much.

I’m just saying, he strikes me as an oral bottom into rough trade.

I wonder if any Dopers were at the Sundance Festival when this was shown, or possibly saw it in KC. I’d be interested in hearing their opinion of the film.

Horror/slasher isn’t really my genre, but I’d make an exception for this one.

It’s Kevin Smith, and from what I’ve heard about it (including a couple of interviews with Kevin Smith), it isn’t really classifiable as a conventional horror movie, so much as a black satire. Smith has flat out said that the family is based on the Phelps clan, though and isn’t bothering to deny it or go with any “resemblence is coincidental,” disclaimers.

I think it sound like it could be really interesting, though the reviews haven’t been great. It also stars Melissa Leo, which show that Smith knew who to go to when he needed somebody who could not only bring the crazy, but bring extra for everybody else.

The link in the OP is a story about how he invited the Phelps family to an exclusive premiere of the film. They walked out after about 15 minutes. What else would you expect them to do? In fact, they didn’t throw a fit but behaved very well, better than you or I might have in similar circumstances.

Sampiro, I find the Phelps family as disgusting and horrifying as you do. We both know that has nothing to do with my comment. It was about the way the OP phrased it, and nothing else.

Good for Kevin Smith!

I’m surprised they

1- Went at all
2- Didn’t watch the entire film to see if there was something they could sue over

Meh. The dollar to doallar exchange rate is pretty crappy.

I’m just sitting here giggling uncontrollably in my office over this.

It’s a mad mad mad mad mad mad world etc.

Well, seeing as Smith protested his own movie Dogma and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I’m not surprised.

Maybe not if it’s a realistic movie (i.e. with the patriarch presented as a self-hating closet case)…

I wasn’t aware of that. That’s hysterical. YouTube showing the protest, longer YouTube of Smith discussing the protest.

I’d want to ignore his funeral, too, but NOT if it meant missing Sampiro (avec Speedeau et une boa) dancing to “It’s Raining Men!”