Westboro vs. Anonymous (re: Sandy Hook shooting)

I love it when the forces of anarchy collide.

Westboro Baptist Church to picket Sandy Hook Elementary School, incurs wrath of Anonymous

I’m trying really hard to feel bad about this, but… nope, can’t do it.

Unless anonymous starts using guns they are not “destroying” anyone.

Considering WBC thrives on pissing off people and collecting as much vitriol and calumny as they can, I doubt this will have much of an effect. Unlike other targets of Anonymous, WBC is not hiding behind much of anything - except maybe their status as a church (which I wish the IRS would investigate and yank).

So, while it gives me a warm fuzzy to think of these . . . individuals reaping a little of what they’ve sown, I strongly doubt they will change their MO.

Getting all their credit cards hacked might slow down their access to airline tickets. Maybe even get them listed on a TSA watch-list and strip-searched when they try to board.

Good times.

They have started a whitehouse.gov petition to have their IRS status revoked.

I don’t approve of vigilantism, virtual or otherwise.

So that makes me, in this case, a big damned hypocrite. I’m not going to lose much sleep over it though.

I’d like to see them sprayed with a hose whenever they picket funerals.

I don’t think it does. We have the right to be assholes in this country.

I like to think of Jesus standing just inside the gates, smacking one fist into the other palm, waiting for WBC members to come strolling through.

I’m not against well-deserved revenge anyway, so I don’t feel a bit hypocritical to enjoy this.

nice - hope it happens.

and if it does it could be the camel’s nose under the tent :smiley:

Westboro is not a “church”. They are not ‘of God’ or doing his work.

They are professional legal trolls. Nothing more. Everything they do is designed to create situations in which they can find opportunities to sue the crap out of people.

Holy ambiguous pronouns, Batman!

<phew!> I thought it was just me!

I agree. That said, I feel no pity for them and I feel no guilt about enjoying this.

I’ve never seen any real evidence to support this theory, and I have a feeling it persists because people find it easier to accept the notion that the WBC is merely greedy and ethically barren but they couldn’t really believe the disgusting stuff they profess.

Update: Remember the days when the church was supposed to be the good guys and the bikers were the bad guys?

Hell’s Angels and others form human shield between Westboro and the Sandy Hook funeral.

Ya’ know, if you’re a psycho and you got a hanker’n to go on a shooting spree…

And if ya’ rather go down a hero instead of in infamy…

Or if you’re just a nice guy with a brain tumor that is resisting treatment…

I’m sure it will be just as successful as the whitehouse.gov petition to begin construction on a death star.