Western Painting

As a child, I remember a western painting (probably either Remington or Russell) of a cowboy on a trail beneath a cliff. The cowboy is holding his horse’s nose in order to keep it silent, because above him you see several Indians looking over the cliff. Anyone else remember this painting? As I recall, it had a catchy title to it. I’ve googled as best I can and still can find it.

Never mind. Found it.

When Shadows Hint Death

Thanks for posting that. I like Frederic Remington-type paintings and now Russell is on my artist list.

I remember when I was small my mom used to take me to see Western paintings. Now I’m a big fan of western paintings and I used to go for every exhibition out here. I love the works of Frederic Remington.

I don’t know if any of you are in the Florida area or are ever planning to be but if so, you would probably enjoy this museum. I’m fortunate enough to see all this beautiful art every day as it is currently displayed where I work. Anyone who is really into Western themed art would have a field day here and can, in fact, tour our buildings and see some of it.