WestJet snack in Canada "mints and mates?"

I had a choice of a cookie and something else, which I guess was a pretzle snack mix.

The flight attendant referred to the snack mix as ???/

Mints and Mates?
Mix and Bites?

I wasn’t clear on what exactly he was saying…so I just said “cookie please”
What was he calling these things?

Bits and Bites?

I think that’s what it is, although I must say I really like the idea of them serving Mints and Mates.

Bits and Bites.
It’s a cracker/pretzel salty snack mix.
Good choice on the cookies :slight_smile:

Yep. That would be it.

ETA: I would universally choose this over a cookie. Cookies don’t go with beer.:wink:

Wow…they don’t have Bits ‘n’ Bites in the U.S.? They don’t even have Shreddies?


I’ve always found the French name for this snack (Méli-Mélo) inexplicably charming.

I think a US equivalent would be Chex Mix?

They have something similar called Party Mix over at Lays/Humpty Dumpty or even the Bulk Barn.

Nope to both.

Though, looking at that ad, I’d guess that Chex Mix or Gardetto’s are probably similar.

They are similar, but Bits n Bites are much better than Chex Mix. I find that Chex Mix tastes like salt, while Bits n Bites has more of a flavour.