Wet & weary weiner dog wescued from Wascana weak ice

News item here.

Short version: mini dachshund breaks from owners, walks out onto weak ice on Wascana Lake, in Regina, and refuses to come to shore. Wanders around for four (4!) days in sub-freezing temperatures :eek: , puttering from the weak ice to an island and about.

The fire department can’t get to him because of the weak ice. :dubious: Isn’t that what inflatable dinghies and wet-suits are for?

Little dog finally falls into the water, swims to shore, where he’s collared by his frantic owners.

And the fire department claims a “rescue.” :dubious:

Wet & weary wee wiener woofer wescued whilst wandering Wascana water (white & wintry) - who wins wrongful worship?

Sorry, just had to see if I could do it. :smiley:

:dubious: Just where and how did you get that from the linked article? :rolleyes:


from the tv coverage.