Puppy discovers ice

Winston (the crappingest dog on earth, known as Winny the Poop)my beagle mix is about a year old. We walk every day in the park. Nordberg the other beagle wants no part of ice. She hates slipping around. Winston loved it. He grabbed pieces of ice and threw them around and ran across the ice sliding all over. He was having fun . Then came his second discovery, breaking through the ice. He went through the ice into about 8 inches of water. No bother, he went right back at it. He was having a ball. I can not wait for the first snow, he will go crazy.

I really wish I had my new dog right now. I should have one before the end of the winter but I want one NOW!!! My sister just got a new kitty today and she’s rubbing it in.

We’re having our first snow of the year right now and I’d love to be out playing in it with a cute little puppy. :frowning:

Winston is adorable. I will get my kid to put in a picture or two.