We've been reddited

The Horror of Blimps is on the front page of Reddit. Reddit is a collection of links to various stuff online updated frequently, but since so many people like this it might be up there for a while.

I wonder how long it’s been up there, and if there is any cause/effect where our board performance is concerned. Not that the board hasn’t been cranky on its own, lately. But…

I thought that thread was alot longer. Was that the readers digest version?
Anyways, I wonder if the original thread should be locked, lest someone from teh intrenets digs it up.

The link goes to the OP in ‘View Single Post’ mode. So all you get is the OP.

Another step closer to having the Dope swarmed with everyone else in society…

…but we were here when it was cool, dammit.

To be honest, I’ve wondered why it has taken so long for the SDMB to show up on reddit/digg/etc. C’s columns show up often enough that it was only a matter of time before someone posted the message board threads.

Last night(Monday), at 8:00PM, EDT, there was(were?) a record 1253 people on the Board. All because of THE THREAD.

Well, some of us have been cool longer than others. All these newbies coming in after 1999 we’ve learned to tolerate. :cool:

When I saw this thread’s OP, I thought it was a reference to Wally’s thread.

I got here as soon as I could!

Pity me, I decided to stop lurking in January 2000. If only I’d have known how cool a 1999 would have made me.

Not to mention that first batch of back-to-school posters. :wink:

Why is Scylla listed as a guest in that thread? Did the groundhogs finally get him?