We've won the fight against ignorance. Now what?

Something has changed around here. We all know it. We’re just not quite sure what that what is. Except me. I know.

Ignorance? Vanquished. Between Google indexing and our noble efforts (sorry, we couldn’t do it alone), ignorance has limped back to Salem, Massachusetts (where it originated here in the States) and has retired to sleeping late, taking walks in the park, and spending evenings in bar rooms.


What do we do now?


Ignorance vanquished? <peevishly> I never get these memos.
Somehow I doubt it, since I was in a class yesterday for Advanced Cardiac Life Support and several of the people there repeatedly did not know the difference between pacer pads and defibrillator pads. And that’s just one example…

But if it really IS true–I claim the hammock.

Then I claim the hummock.

Wait, wait. You mean the Phelps clan and Anne Coulter are dead?

Dude, I am so buying the drinks.

Yes, yes. But how?

Wow, ignorance is bliss.

Wow, what an ignorant question. :wink:

The way I’ve always seen it, it’s got something to do with lining three dots up, like this: “…”. I guess maybe the dots are magic fairy dots or something.

Well, first off. Give me your pants!

Martinis all around! Vodka or gin, guys?



Humph. So much for the democratic process.

What, must we nominate something as ignorant first?

We’re going to Disneyworld!

Does the hammock lie over the hummock?

I don’t need no stinkin’ gnomes…

What do we win?

The same thing we do every night, Winston. Try to take over the world.

How about some nice smelling ones? We have a special deal on flower bed gnomes.