Whadaya Know About the Previous Poster? Game

We’ve played this before, but it’s been a while and I thought it might be time for another round. The ‘rules’ are simple. Someone posts to explain what they know about the person before them. I guess that means I’m first up since I started the thread. So, who knows what about me?

I know:

Your nickname is faithfool.

You work for Meals on Wheels.

You read.

Love independent films.

Live in Texas

Just from your profile

[li]Teacher[/li][li]Watches a lot of TV[/li][li]Whedonite[/li][li]Mafia player[/li][li]Participates in lots of Feuds[/li][/ul]
All I got right now…

Hal Briston:

Has an adorable daughter, about 3-4 years old.

Gets teased a lot about having relations with sheep, due to a failure to log out of a “public” computer some years ago.

Offhand, that’s all I remember without searching.

mnemosyne - has an irrational but enduring love for the Montreal Alouettes. :smiley:

Somewhat similarly, Northern Piper is a big fan of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Spoons-Canadian lawyer.

Um… Don’t know much about Inner Stickler, but lets see what I recall…

Posts a lot in threads, but doesn’t start them much. I’ve seen his/her replies a lot, but can’t recall one s/he started. S/he doesn’t hang out in just one forum, I’ve seen posts in many different areas.

Unfortunately, that’s about it… Recognize the name, but not much else.

I’m pretty sure Hirka T’Bawa is a medical professional or just knows WAY too much about drugs.

Oh, and Hirka would be a pretty good Emperor of Earth.