Whammo, damn you and your corn chip feet

I just had the chance, not on purpose, to smell my feet…GUESS WHAT, they smelled like corn chips.

Oh God, please help me.

And Whammo, if you want proof I will mail you my sock! My damned feet smell like corn chips, I will never eat a corn chip again I tell you!

corn chips?
Isnt that a sign of pnemonia? i swear

No sign of physical illness other than potential mental illness LOL

Please refer to this thread for more info:


hehehehehehe!! Hey “toots” wanna rub tootsies over some salsa?!?! :D:D:D

Consider yourself blessed! In the ancient Orient it was considered a sign of royalty and beauty. [sub]I tell myself… trust me it helps[/sub]

I would rub my tootsies in salsa with you any time…so pick a time, a date…but I promise to wash my feet before hand in case you have a foot fetish.