What a mind this sculptor must have

These book carvings are breathtaking. Not just in the brilliance of their execution, but in the original idea too.

How on earth does someone come up with something so damn clever?

That’s awesome. Really, really cool stuff.

Phenomenol. Thanks for sharing.

Not as impressive, but here is a guy who makes 3D art with…screws. You don’t realize they are 3D until you scroll down a bit and realize they have texture.

Portraits made of screws

Not the same artist but there’s an exhibit of book sculptures at the Albany (NY) Airport.

Mind-blowingly awesome!

Those are amazing! I like the three sided book best.

I saw this guy just the other day. He was featured on the Artist of the Day widget. Very cool!

Reminds me of this, which someone just sent me:


As you (sort of) say, jjimm, both are an entirely new form for art.

I came in to make fun of something. Nevermind.

Another bit of neatness, called Shimmer.

Indeed cool. Here are a couple more ofsuch artists, hope y’all will enjoy those too!

That was AWESOME and deserves its own thread. It’s a sand sculptor/painter, unlike anything I’ve seen before. She makes paintings as beautiful as a Chagall, then changes them with a few strokes into another masterpiece, wipes them out and starts anew. Looks like a new viral video, and well deserved, too.

IIRC, this was the interval show at the Eurovision Song Contest (or something similar) a few years ago. Her work has been used on a TV ad in the UK in the past couple of years.

The sculptures are amazing, but I can’t help but be appalled that actual books are being defaced and destroyed. :frowning:

Really? You say that’s defacing books? I’ve worked in a charity bookshop and it disabused me of the notion that each book is special and valuable pretty quickly - there are thousands and thousands of old books that no one will ever buy or read ever again, and out-of-date reference books like this artist uses top the list. (I imagine he chooses good quality ones, but I would think that there are so many that they’re not all worth much to collectors.)

Now, if he did some art with old accounting and economics textbooks I’d love to see that. I have a hypothesis that those are the most worthless books on earth - always donated and never sold.

I think the art shows how the insides of books are magical. I think this art does a great service to books.

I didn’t say that my feeling was rational. :wink:

P.S. You know what his art actually reminds me of? Those human body exhibitions, in which human bodies are splayed open and plasticized. I thought those were neat at first, too, but now they bother me as well. Perhaps it is because I learned that, unlike medical school donors, not all of the donors actually consented to being put on display, but also because the tone of the exhibits seem somewhat disrespectful to and exploitative of the dead.

These sculptures seem almost “disrespectful” to the books in question, and to the effort that went into writing them.

Like I said, not a particularly rational thought.

Those book scuptures are about ten times more amazing than I thought they would be. Great stuff.

Hypnotic! Wow, I checked out some of his other stuff under “portfolio” and “archives” and it is all pretty cool.