What a time to come back (Godspeed Wally...)

There are times in a cop’s career when you back yourself into a corner and stare at the mirror wondering if you really like what is looking back at you. For the past few months, it’s been a long, agonizing look at dealing with the questions of life and death, culminating in making a continuing decision of remaining in public service.

The incident, which I will not go into, will always be with me, even after I hang up my badge for the last time. No career repurcussions were handed down, I may even get a commendation, which I will shelve as deep into my desk, never to see the light of day. I thank God for a supportive wife to help me see the ray of hope in the past few months of shattered darkness.

Turning to this board, which I have neglected, being caught up in my own personal trials, I am hit with the sorrow of Wally’s passing. I remember trading barbs with Wally and coming off on the losing end on many of them. What a great spirit he was, and is. Godspeed Wally, I’m a better putz for having known you. Life’s not a fair thing, I symphathize with fellow Dopers who feel the anger and frustration of it all. I’ve just come off of my own dance with Death, and while I remain humbled, I will continue to stare that bastard in the eye and challenge that PUTZ to give me his best shot in the next rematch.

Wally would've liked that.

Blue . . . let me be the first to welcome you back, man. It sucks you had to come back to this.

You probably don’t know me, but you’ve always been on my list of favorite posters, just as Wally was. I have a lot of respect for you because of the job you do and the fact that you haven’t lost your sense of humor while you’re at it.

So . . . don’t get too down, okay?
– Sylence

Way to give Death the finger, BP.
Welcome back to the fight 'gainst ignorance. Hope ya brought yer cuffs.

Welcome back Bluepony, I don’t know what happened, but I am glad to see you here.


We miss you Wally

Thanks Ayesha, Sylence, and ChiefScott for the welcome back. I guess I’m not the only one burning the midnite oil.

Chief, I guess you’re still out in the Gulf with the Ike. Enterprise just finished up visiting Pensacola. If Ike ever visits up these parts, give me a buzz, I’ll buy the first round just to show you squids that us ex-wingnuts aren’t always cheap.

The extra Molsons that I opened up for Wally is getting warm now. I guess I’ll have to down that and pop another one open for him. I’ve got a lot of threads to surf tonite since I have a day off.

I’m glad they’re posting some of Wally’s old threads, and I’m sure getting a laugh out of some of his recent ones. Regretfully, I see that the Mark I General-Purpose Troll has mutated into several distinct sub-species, with a marked emphasis on the term sub.

I really missed this place.

Welcome back blue…

We can always use more in the fight against ignorance… especiallyt since we lost one of the best fighters and one of our best friends.

Welcome back, Blue. Good to see you again.

Hey Blue. Welcome back to the board. Feel free to post often. Feel free to become addicted with the rest of us.

We never spoke, Bluepony, but you were one of my favorite posters, and I was sorry you had stopped posting.

I’m glad to see you back, the board needs more good people, especially now.

Welcome back BP. I understand you’re going through a rough patch right now. All I can say is: let time do its work…And if it becomes too much, don’t keep it bottled up. I’m sure there are people (professionals and non) who can help, if only a bit.

All the best.

Hi Bluepony, Cristi here. Just got a name change.

Bluepony, you know you’ve always ranked very, very high on my list of favorite posters.

I’m sorry that you’re going through such a tough time, and I’m sure it totally sucks coming back to this. But I, for one, am so glad you’re back. I hope you can stay a while.

Welcome back, Bluepony. Hope you can stick around a while…I always liked yer posts. (Even if you have no clue who I am…)

Welcome back Bluepony, I remember you and have always enjoyed reading your posts. I hope that the dark cloud over you lifts.

Welcome back, Bluepony. I’m very glad to see you back again. We all miss him too, I’m sorry that your return has such a dark cloud over it. We’re all here for you, friend.

If I can do anything for you, just ask. Email me, please, even if you just want to rant and rave for a bit.


<I just previewed this and saw tatertot’s post! great minds…>

Welcome back Bluepony.

I don’t know what you went through, though I could speculate. I pray you find yourself stronger, this side of the valley.

Hi, BluePony! Welcome back. You were much missed. We’d wondered where you were, but figured you were just busy or otherwise occupied. I’m so sorry the reason was something so hard and painful for you.

I’m also sorry you had to come back to such a sad, mournful time. But if we’ve learned anything, it’s to be grateful for friends. So the manner and timing of your return don’t matter, only that we have you back.

Sounds like you have one helluva strong, loving woman as wife. (Sorry, my heart just twisted for Wally’s “Jane”.) I don’t care if she does use your razor in the shower! (I still can’t look at some of my more exotic impluse-buys in “bath stuff” without remembering your thread and cracking up.)

So welcome back, a thousand times over.