What a waste of my frigging time...government bureaucracy!

I live in the Caribbean and our new government has passed legislation (about a month ago) allowing me to become a citizen. I read in the paper that persons who qualify can go down to immigration and apply. So today, I arrange a babysitter for my 6 month old daughter and take myself down there. It is, of course, ultra disorganised. I have to take a number and wait. I get number 15. There is no one to ask if I have everything that I need etc etc. and when I do manage to pigeonhole one of the sourfaced old bitches, she tells me that I have to wait until I get my turn to even ask if I am in the correct place.

So I wait for over 2 hours. Eventually, my turn comes and I walk in with my passport and all my proof, sit down and tell the cow how long I’ve been in the country and she tells me that the new legislation is not in effect yet and they’re not accepting applications. I was so fucking pissed off! Why the fuck don’t you have a notice outside saying that they’re not accepting applications. Why the fuck, when someone asks, don’t you tell them that they’re wasting their time. Why the fuck did you make me fucking wait 2 fucking hours to tell me that I’m wasting my time!

So you stupid bitch who told me that she couldn’t answer my question, I pit you and to the other sourfaced bitch who told me that it’s not her job to inform people who qualifies and who doesn’t (nevermind that it would stop her from wasting her time seeing people who don’t qualify)…I pit you too! I hope you are as miserable as I am although working where you do, I bet you’re a hell of a lot more miserable!

I feel your pain.

I’ve often thought that bureaucratic offices like this should have some sort of triage desk, where they have a person whose job is just to make sure that you have the stuff you need, that you are in the right place, and that this particular office can actually help with your situation.

Of course, if the instructions for making such applications were always clear and concise and easy to understand, this wouldn’t be necessary. But, more often than not, the instructions are about as clear as mud. I’m a pretty smart guy, i’ve got college and graduate degrees, and there are times when i just can’t make head or tail of what i’m supposed to do or where i’m supposed to be in some of these government offices.

How maddening! And I suppose if you could find a phone number for them, so as to call first to find out these things, you’d get a constant busy signal. :mad: Sounds like all the governments I’ve known.

EXACTLY what happened! Not in this case, but when I was waiting for my temporary residency, I called and called to find out if it was through yet and EVERY single time I called, I got a busy signal. WTF! I think they must give out some sort of circular to all government offices on how to be the most inefficient, time wasting, annoying places in the world!

This morning I paid a visit to the US Consulate in Guadalajara. I needed the forms for requesting a ballot for this fall’s Federal elections. One for my daughter, another for myself.

First, I stand in line outside the building for 20 minutes before being allowed inside for the security check. OK, times have changed, I have no problem with the heightened security measures. Next I go into the building itself figuring the forms will be on the wall along with other booklets and forms for doing business with the government. There were lots of forms for overseas tax filing. No ballot requests.

Instead, I’m given a number, 7, told to take a seat and waited another 15 minutes. The guard then lined us up in front of one window. Things went well at first. The first 4 people took care of their business in a few minutes. #5 then took nearly 30 minutes!!

#6 was quick and I make it up to the window at 11am, exactly an hour and ten minutes from when I got to the Consulate.

“Can I help you?” asks the person behind the bulletproof glass. “Yes. I need 2 ballot requests”.

“Here you are, anything else?”.

“Could I get 2 more, please?”


“Thank you”

Total elapsed time at the window… 45 seconds.

Total time at the Consulate…an hour and 15 minutes.

I still don’t know why the ballot requests weren’t on the wall with all the other forms.

They do this at the DMV around here. If you need to fill out a form, you find out before you wait in the line. It works well. Doesn’t help the OP at all though. :slight_smile:

Sadly, I work in that hell known as government bureaucracy.
Of course, it never stopped me from getting caught up in it myself.

ring ring
Court Officer: How may I help you?
Me: Yes, I need to have motion papers mailed to me
CO: For what purpose?
Me: I need to change an existing court order
CO: Your address?
Me: {gives out of county address}
CO: You need to contact the county you live in
Me: No, my current order is in YOUR county, I need YOUR motion papers
CO: No ma’am, you have to contact your county to have your file moved that jurisdiction then file in your county.
Me: Uh. No. I don’t. You see, I’m not filing a change of venue. I don’t WANT to change venue. I just want the motion papers
CO: I can’t do that for you ma’am.

sigh I work for the county where the CO and my court order is from. In the same division, even. After discussing convo with my supervisor, I was granted an extended lunch to go speak with the Court Officer. :dubious: It was fun, what with me wearing the same nifty county badge.

Luckily all that stuff is now online. Before I refer a client to the court officer, I’ll send out the motion papers (I printed out a stack) or refer them to the website.