What a Wonderful World - creepy?

A few years ago when I was getting married, a young cousin offered to sing a song during the signing of the registry. I suggested What a Wonderful World, and she adamantly refused, claiming that it’s a “creepy” song. I mentioned that here and was surprised that a number of people agreed with her. I recently heard the sentiment expressed again, and I’m still puzzled by it. Although I personally really like it, I can absolutely understand that it may not be to some people’s taste. But I still really don’t get what’s “creepy” about it. Anyone?

I’d never heard that anyone considered it creepy before. Can’t imagine why…it frankly sounds like people imposing their own ideas on a song rather than seeing what’s there.

I know it’s used in ironic terms alot, for example in Bowling For Columbine, where the song is juxtaposed with various horrific events of the last few decades and it is often shown in these sort of ironic circumstances but I’ve never heard it described as creepy.

Perhaps because it’s been used ironically in other places? Good Morning, Vietnam, used it over a bunch of bombings and other war violence. 12 Monkeys used it as well, twice - once on the radio and over the end credits, and its use was most definitely ironic in that movie. Bowling For Columbine used the Joey Ramone cover of it.

So, yeah, for people who first hear it from one of those sources instead of it’s original intended statement, I can see why it might feel “creepy”.
ETA: Curses, An Gadaí! Ah well, great minds and all that… :stuck_out_tongue:

I was also going to weigh in with the irony idea, but stopped to get a link to the lyrics for anyone who needs them.

Thanks for the goosebumps, Otto. :slight_smile:

I like the song myself, but I will say that these lyrics are a bit more heartfelt and reflective than you often find in popular music. I guess that to some people, they might come across as maudlin. Combine these lyrics with a melody which is a bit poignant, and sung rather slowly, I guess that for some it sets a mood that’s a little too…

The song for me always conjures the image of an older Louis Armstrong looking back over his life and (although he didn’t actually pen the song) expounding on his personal philosophy.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the people who find the song creepy tend to skew younger.

Yeah, good points about the irony and the younguns - I think both are true.
Thanks for the thoughts.

Imagine is waaaaaay creepier.

I thought the part about the colors of the rainbow burned into the faces of people walking by was pretty creepy, I mean it must be about some sort of nuclear holocaust, right?

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