What about coworkers we actually really liked?

We’ve dished coworkers we’ve hated. The incompetent wretches and those bits of flotsam that have drifted through our work lives. What about people we worked with that we genuinely liked?

I’ll start-

My college job was working for a giant inflatables company. You know those giant bouncy castles you see at kids birthdays or inflatable slides at public events, my job was to deliver, set-up and operate those things. We also had the sumo suits and a mechanical bull. Sometimes it would be just myself doing these events and sometimes there’d be a crew of 10 other guys.

One event I did I had another guy with me. It was our first time working together. It was an over night gig at a high school for their senior’s day. We had to drive to the town the night before and then start setting up at 5 am so we’d be done by 8:30 when the event started. On the drive we sort of chit chatted, getting to know you stuff, then there was this lull for a moment. He turned to me and asked matter of factly “Have you ever seen Sasquatch?” From then on he was my favorite person to work with. He always had the weirdest stories to tell. He wasn’t that great on the job but man, getting to and from the events were always something to look forward to.

I’m very fortunate in my current coworkers. The vast majority are kind, funny, and magnanimous.

Well, there was the co-worker that I dated…

I married that one!

She’s a keeper, for sure!


I worked under a chef once who was blessed with a knack for public relations joined with a remarkable understanding of human nature.

It was the only foodservice job I ever held during my extended adolescence in which if the work was done, the place was clean, and the customers were happy, the boss did not care if we were actually busy or not. In addition, he did not care what we ate or whether we paid for it, so long as “you don’t go into the steak and lobster too often, because it messes with the inventory.”

In short, he expected us to behave, police our own behavior, and do our jobs. We did. With a vengeance.

He was also a very personable fellow to work with, as well as being extremely educational, foodwise.

At my current job while I was still in training, I sat next to Dave. Dave had been stationed aboard a submarine, plus he had a bunch of neat jobs as a Navy reservist. And he was a great storyteller. And he was very smart. We talked business and personal stuff. He was the best cubicle neighbor ever!

But he hated his job - he wasn’t being allowed to do what he was hired to do, so he found another job (with a promotion) and left.

I miss Dave. :frowning:

I’ve had maybe half-a-dozen jobs over the past 25 years, and I’d say I got one lasting friendship from each.

I really like all of my coworkers but the idiot.

The boss I had at Domino’s was awsome. He was funny, easygoing, acknowledged your accomplishments and abilities, acknowledged hard work with rewards, and in general just rocked. I was bummed when he quit. I followed soon after.

The editor at the newspaper I work with now is pretty awsome, too. He thinks I rock and because I’m willing to do so much work is trying hard to get the upper management types to give me a raise - I’ve easily tripled my workload since I started working there and I’m still only making $10 an hour. How many bosses campaign to get people raises? Not many.


I work online, and my co-workers are people who live in distant places, people whom I’ll never be able to meet face-to-face. We have a couple of private forums where we can hang out, get to know each other, and discuss anything and everything. We post family photos and tell jokes and argue about politics (and occasionally we mention job-related stuff, too).

Some of these folks I consider to be among the closest friends I have ever known. I may not be able to shake their hands, but they have shaken my heart.

The guy who is my supervisor now is the best friend I’ve had in many years, working or not. He’s been working in the business for 25 years and knows it inside out. Since he came to the position, he’s nearly singlehandedly lifted the company out of mediocrity. Now it’s doing better than it ever has. That’s a feat that no one who ever worked there was able to accomplish. He trusts that I know so much about what I do, he never has to check up on me, or ask me to change or redo anything. He knows I’ll do it right the first time, and not mess up any of the details.

He and I have an awful lot in common. Experiences, expertise, knowledge of the same kinds of things, sense of humor, hobbies. We learn from each other. We make each other laugh. I was his support system during his divorce. He brings his daughter over to have dinner with us occasionally. He drives me home from work sometimes, to save my wife a trip. We’ve recently started going to a blues club on the weekends. It’s in our future plans to put together and see if we can sell a syndicated radio music show. Now that is going to be a lot of fun. I’m glad I got to know him. Even if he stopped working there, we’d still be friends.

I met a really swell guy at my current place of work. He was a QA engineer who served in the Navy during Korea. He was a fellow member of the Sierra Club, an avid chef, and all around great guy. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he was a Doper, he’s just that cool. Everytime he passed through my office it was a learning experience. Unfortunately he retired shortly after I started working.

My other coworker reminds me a lot of me, if I were more girly and close to 60. A fellow highschool-dropout turned straight-A college student. She’s my “work mom”. I love her to pieces. I think she’s going to be upset with me though when I quit.

Some of the others are nice enough, but I pretty much want to choke the living shit out of the rest of them.

This goes double for me. I’ve worked with more than my share of complete assholes and idiots, but the group of people I work with now are really great.
Warm, intelligent, caring, funny and generous to a fault.

I have worked with a variety of admirable people. My current job provided me with one of my closest friends. We met on my first day on the job, and I quickly found him to be funny, smart, courteous, tactful, nicely introverted, and a great reader. We have a marvellous book-and-long-walk-based friendship.

We tend to bitch and moan about co-worker’s we can’t stand but rarely do we mention the good ones. I am fortunate to have a bunch of good ones. I supervise most of 'em. The great thing is, for the most part, I don’t have to micro manage every single thing. The micro managing I do end up doing is obviously those I would bitch and moan about. They don’t tend to last very long.

I recently had someone resign because she was very unhappy about the way our Executive Director responded to a complaint she had. She let it be known that it had nothing to do with me but felt she could no longer work here feeling as she did. I respect that. I hate it, cause I lost a great manager who is going to be very difficult to replace. Oh, sure, I’ll find somebody good and he or she will bring many talents to the job. It’s just hard to believe I’ll ever find somebody that innovative and creative again.

I hate losing good people. :frowning:

I think that most of my co-workers are pretty darned neat. Certainly the ones that I work with most closely.

Well, there’s that one girl I worked with for a few months in high school but we were usually on different shifts…I started at a new school that fall, knew pretty much no one, but guess who was sitting behind me first day? That was 4 years ago and we’re still great friends. :smiley:

My current co-workers rock. They’ve managed to get me to adjust to the changes from your crappy high school jobs to ‘real world’ sorts of jobs.

I’m quite fond of my current co-workers. We’re not best friends/social outside of work and I’m only close to one of them (my mentor) but we all get along well and leave each other alone.

The office drama is low low low. Our paralegal and secretary don’t really like each other but I like them independently of each other and they have no problem with the attorneys.

My parents are always on my back about going to private practice and making more money but I am loathe to leave this mellow-to-the-point-of-coma work environment.

I’ve had several quality co-workers and supervisors that I think fondly of. One just recently left and it’s made a big difference in how much I look forward to coming to work everyday.

Side note:
Co-workers! Thank you! I can’t tell you how much I loathe the term cow-orkers

Everyone on our team is great, in different ways. There’s only one (out of ten) who I’m ambivalent about.

Today’s prize, though, has to go to the woman who sits opposite me. I asked her if she had the contact number of a good travel agent.

She didn’t just find a number for me. Knowing that I’m less than competent when it comes to organizing my own life, she asked me what I needed, called the agent, and went through complex negotiations to book me a ticket, and have it delivered to the office.

OK, maybe she’s desperate to see me go on holiday, and she knows that if somebody didn’t step in and lend a hand, I probably wouldn’t go.

But it’s still plain nice of her to take the time to do it.