What about Trump's new social network? I hear crickets

Man, I wanted it to fail so hard that I awaited the start of “Truth Social” with glee, but now, almost three days after launch, I hear or read nothing about it, not even here on the Dope. Well, I’ve read some news article that the first day, people had difficulties signing up and logging in, but that was it. I’m a bit disappointed, is this already (or better, finally!) a sign of media Trump fatigue? Or have I missed some juicy stories?

(I have put this in the Pit because all things Trump should go in the Pit. And this is the first Pit thread I started. Maybe I should have to hurl an insult at him, but I’m out of insults for the man, I’ve read all the good ones on this board already)

Someone created an account named @DevinNunesCow and was immediately banned.

People still can’t login. They failed the most basic thing a social app needs to do - get community members interacting with each other.

That’s why nobody’s heard anything - hardly anybody can get onto the app to do anything.

Assuming they get it functional (and that’s a big assumption given the grifters and incompetents they have running things), maybe a juicy story or two will appear.

But in the meantime, it’s so pathetic that it merits pity more than outrage. It’d be like kicking a puppy. A vicious, inbred, rabid puppy carrying bubonic plague fleas but a puppy nonetheless.

There is some talk over in the Citizen Trump (or whatever its called) thread. But, yeah. It’s Broke and shit and nobody can get in.

Another Massive Big Success, A Great Victory!

The reason there are crickets is because the train has not yet left the station. I posted this in the other thread but it may be more relevant here:

There is this little tid-bit mentioned…
The site’s terms of service also show it is designed to benefit from Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which Trump has said should be “completely terminated” because it protects tech companies from being sued for what their users post.

Remember, it’s “smart” when President Trump takes advantage of things but terrible when other people do it.

Among other things, a couple of knockoff imitation sites have sprung up, including one that charges $4.99/week (I can see why people would mistake that one for Grifty McGriftface’s actual operation).

I tried making an account. The “Terms and Conditions” link, which it asks you to check a box saying you agree to, was white text on white background, and went to a 404. Quality.

My favorite part:

The site’s problems extend beyond its waitlist: Its logo - a broken capital ‘T’ with a period - is identical to the logo of Trailar, a British seller of truck solar panels. A company executive told The Washington Post that it is “seeking legal advice to understand next steps and options available to protect our brand.”

Hahaha :joy:.

Another goody:

The app for now is available only for iPhones in the U.S. On a ‘help’ page, the site’s own name is misspelled.

Yeah, this is the kind of story I was looking forward to.

I have a Trumpist friend who very much wants to be part of this. He, too, is in log-in limbo. If I get anything juicy (or unintentionally hilarious) from him I’ll pass it on.

Yah, only the BEST!

This has to be irritating Mr. Trump. He hates being mocked, ridiculed, and laughed-at. I wonder how much pressure is building in the tech departments of Mr. Nunes’ organization right now. LOL

I object to a major inaccuracy in that WaPo headline: “Trump’s Truth Social’s disastrous launch raises doubts about its long-term viability”.

There is no doubt whatsoever about its long-term viability, any more than there ever was about Trump Steaks, Trump casinos, the Trump airline, Trump University, Trump Vodka, Trump Magazine, Trump Mortgage, or anything else that Trump has ever started, managed, or otherwise touched in any way. How can anyone be unsure about this?

I know all you free speech absolutists are excited to have a place where you can finally speak Truth without fear of being banned or censored!

Except, oops, per their terms of service, users may not:

With “us” referring to the founders, backers, etc. They’ve already started banning critics. So much for untrammeled free speech!

If you had any doubt that conservatives’ position is “free speech for me, not for thee”, it’s formally codified in a document for all to read. (cite)

Trump, as always, has an out for this situation: Blame, blame, blame someone else. And while blaming that person, declaring the person to be absolutely, eternally, and from the get-go, incompetent, completely ignoring that Trump chose that person in the first place.

What does this disastrous launch show us? Colonel Jessup has a few words for Trump.

Yeah, as always, the blame is on the IT guys. It’s always the IT guys. They may be understaffed, underpaid, and incompetent (are they all graduates of Trump university?), but they’ll get the blame.

“Based on Digital World’s closing price on Tuesday, Trump’s media company has an implied market valuation of $19.1 billion.”

Well, good for all those fuckers to blow their money away.

Makes sense to me. A platform that caters exclusively to brain-dead far-right morons, whose sole purpose is to promulgate comically outrageous lies and conspiracy theories, is managed entirely by incompetent grifters with zero experience in IT, and does not actually exist, must surely be worth at least $19 billion, and probably twice that! After all, if Twitter is worth only $13.3 billion, Trump’s operation with his impeccable track record of business success, and with Devin “cow man” Nunes at the helm, has to be worth around $40 billion, minimum!

This is how I still see it.

How long will it be until there is a major security failure?