What age were you when you decided to stop dressing for fashion-cool, and just dress for comfort?

It hit me the other nite. I’m there!!

We were dressing to go to see Eric Clapton. I tried on and discarded a dozen cute outfits: long dresses with skinny straps, off the shoulder dresses with cute heels, sheer tops with silky chemises and boots, and then I started thinking.

It’s warm. There will be a lot of people. We’ll have a pretty good hike from the parking garage to the bar to meet, and maybe more than one bar. (We’d already had calls changing the meeting place 2X for crowds). There’ll be steps. It may be chilly afterwards. If I am going to be jumping up and dancing, will this outfit bother me? We’ll be sitting in a crowded room. On and on.

The hell with it. Jeans, low heeled boots and a comfortable top. Out the door.

But, darn!! No thought to fashion? Just practical thoughts of comfort!! Ancient me!!

I was supposed to dress stylishly on dates?

That explains a lot.

When I had kids, so about 24.

Do the two (dressing for comfort and dressing for style) necessarily have to be mutually exclusive? I don’t dress just for comfort, nor do I dress just to look good; I want my clothes to offer me both amenities.

Around 22ish when I started working a job where I got dirty a lot. Then I started biking to work as well. I dress nicely around friends, just not on a daily basis. I would definitely dress for comfort to go to a rock concert.

I have never been cool, so by default I guess I’m dressing for comfort. And ease of maintenance (i. e. no ironing).

Just for comfort? I haven’t done that yet. I’m sort of tomboyish and my uniform is a tee shirt, jeans and snickers, but I don’t tuck my wolf shirt into my pants or anything or wear white sneakers. And if throwing on jeans and boots with a comfy top is a sign of resignation, then I apparently resigned a long time ago! That *is *my idea of looking nice, unless it’s an actual formal event, in which case I will dress appropriately.

Snickers? You wear candy bars? Well, yeah, that’s not comfortable. I wouldn’t think it’s fashionable, either.

You’re supposed to go on dates? No wonder my wife won’t talk to me.

And, to answer the OP, I don’t think I’ve ever dressed stylishly.

:shakes fist: Don’t sass me!

Early 20’s.

What happens if I sass you? Do you throw candy bars at me? If so, I prefer Dove bars, but Milky Ways will do in a pinch. Don’t want Snickers, I don’t care that much for peanuts in my candy bars.

I only dressed for fashion during the summer I was 14, which also happened to be a year the fashion had been designed for boyish women - something I already wasn’t.

As soon as I was picking my own clothes. So 15 or 16.

There was a brief time in my late teens that I would wear pretty shoes, no matter how uncomfortable. I stopped aftethe age of twenty. There are only so many blister filled walks a girl needs before sh decides on wearing comfortable shoes the rest of her life. If she isn’t a masochist.

So I have been telling myself all my life that Ecco sandals go fine with summer dresses. I haven’t quite succeeded, though. :wink:

In all other respects, I need to bike in the outfit to work or to town. That has been a factor all my life.

So, in anwer to the OP: 18 and never.

I have never dressed for fashion. It was always for comfort based on what I could afford.

Probably since my thirties, and it started with shoes. I have always had wide feet but they seem to have widened with age, and I can no longer buy from a standard shoe store, as I need a 4E fitting.

I still take pride in my appearance and enjoy wearing nice clothes, but my criteria for purchasing has become more focused around ‘when/where would I wear this, and is it suitable’ rather than ‘do I like how it looks on me’.

Fashion? That’s when everything you buy is new, but exactly 25 years OUT of fashion - right?

I guess I never really got the hang of it.

I never cared about fashion even as a kid.

Jeans and tshirts since high school. Can’t do that at work but whenever I’m home or out.