What am I craving?

It could be a food, an activity, a book or movie…something is missing, and I can’t figure out what it is.

What do I want right now?

I just had a strawberry pop tart and it really hit the spot. Oh, and a big iced tea.

You want a Mountain Dew float. It’s sweet and citrusy and tangy, and nobody will want to steal any from you because it looks like radioactive sludge.

I bet you’d enjoy a nice session on the Holodeck, perhaps running a program featuring extended interaction with Willow (of the Buffyverse) and very little in the way of clothing…

A shot to the ankle with a ball peen hammer?

Marshmallow flavored popcorn?

Maybe one of those little things with the sort of raffia-work base, that has an attachment?

A game of Sorry! ?

To play with a plastic slinky. Alternatively, play with a set of measuring spoons.

Masterbating like a motherfuck?

I hate it when I do that. Ooh, and then when I saw between my toes and pour tobasco sauce on it? That really smarts.

Mountain Dew and vanilla ice cream? Why was I not informed of this before?

My life is definitely missing a Holodeck, so Second Life will have to do, but that’s already running, so this can’t be it. Also, instead of Willow, who I hear likes girls, uh…wasn’t Seth Green on that show for five minutes? I’ve only seen two episodes. Is THAT what I’m craving, maybe? Hmm, maybe greencine has the DVDs.

With the sort of doohickey on the whatsit?

If games.com would ever, ever work for me again, maybe…as for the iced tea, I’m gonna give that a try too. I don’t think that’s it, but it is very refreshing.

The beauty of the holodeck is that Willow could be programed to like boys and girls equally…and to bring along a girlfriend or three. And pie. And maybe a paddle…

I’m listening to Derek Trucks and eating popcorn – a very nice combo, all in all.

Same thing I’m craving. Pizza.

The newbie is buying.

Buying yes, fetching no. Karana has granted us, his most loyal druids, members of the Order of the Rainkeepers, the ability to summon pizza. In non-magical realms, both a telephone and portraits of dead presidents are required material components, but I have access to both.

You want M&Ms.

And even if you don’t, have some anyway. They make everything better.

I just fetched some Mexican wedding cookies out of the oven. Would that hit the spot?

A truckload of ping-pong balls. You’ll understand when it arrives. Just trust me.

On another note, I made pizza today. Thin and extra-crispy crust. It did indeed hit the spot.

Um. sad puppy dog eyes Got any more?

Oak, isn’t summoning just fetching through magical avenues? It’s not even you fetching! It’s Magic fetching!

Summoning involves the artful use of Power, albeit in minor amounts, and is thusly more dignified than mere fetching.

A beer.

Or in my case, another beer.

Come on, people :cool:.