What amazing powers does the *moderate* consumption of alcohol grant you?

I had a couple beers with my fairly light dinner (a sandwich and some Cheetos). I then got the urge to play my clarinet (not unlike something that happened a couple weeks ago). Anyway, I busted out the piece of solo music I played 4 years ago in competition, and it sounded pretty damn good! Granted, I made some mistakes (in some particularly technical areas), but it was way better than the last time I practiced. Why, I don’t know. I have a couple theories: [ul][li]I’m more loose, and my cerebellum is taking over (since I had practiced it so much, it should be kinda “hard-wired” into my brain) []the numbing effect of the alcohol means I can’t feel my teeth digging into my lower lip (I haven’t been playing very consistently, and thus I don’t have that old callous, or whatever it was, that used to protect my lip) []my judgment is impaired enough that I can’t tell how bad I really am. [/ul] So, what can you do while after moderate drinking?[/li]
I just want to emphasize that 2 beers is no where close to me being drunk, and if I was, my hand-eye coordination would probably be too fucked up to even put my clarinet together, let alone play it.

I can sing a lot better than usual, and my Japanese gets better too.

I think its because I’m more relaxed and willing to take chances, and I’m not as bothered if I make mistakes.

I am a Programmer by qualification. Having a bit to drink has been known to make my programming problems seem a lot clearer to me! It’s not as if I just ‘think’ they are clearer because I often make a lot more progress on a program while slightly drunk than while sober.

I seem to play far better pool after 2 or three pints.

I had a few pints once before a game of soccer - I was swaying, but did far better than I ever do sober at defending and even did some good midfielding and attacking.

Well, as someone who’s an occasional writer of short fiction, I hate to admit it, but: writing. I don’t mean more coherent , mind you, just that when I’m really starved for ideas, or I can’t figure out where to go with some premise, sometimes getting a buzz on will at least allow the ideas to flow. Of course, I end up spending twice as long as I should on editing, but at least it resulted in new ideas.


After a couple of beers I start to relax and I get much better. However it has a downward curve after more than 3 or 4 beers because I then start to enter the Drunk Zone where there seem to be more balls than there were before and why can’t they all stay still, dammit?

But, thanks to beer, I was Pool champion at my old University.

You touched on the problem. Beer is our spinach until we have too much. My programming/pool/soccer/creativity/wit is better at just the right level of drunkenness. And then I think “well if I drink some more maybe I’ll be even better. And if I drink loads maybe I’ll ‘see the light’ and achieve nirvana and become god” And after just one more glass I’m homer simpson. I can’t concentrate on looking at the screen let along solving the programming problem.
What is the ideal amount? and how do we stop ourselves thinking more is better after that?

P.S. Congratulations on a great thread! (at last) worth posting to again and again.

Video games.

I’m decent normally, but give me a little bit of booze and I can just fly through the games I’ve played a few times. People were commenting on the amazing things I did.

Of course, I also walked into a few pits without even trying to jump. I was a little drunk, after all.

But it wasn’t exactly two beers–I had two shots of 100 proof liquor and a whole bottle of 40-50 proof peach schnapps. On a good day, I’m a bit resistant to the effects of alcohol.

That depends, if it is beer I am drinking, it grants me the ability to overcome the last vestiges of nervous bladder syndrome, if it is scotch, it makes me much more charming and increases my stamina when conducting long, meaningless, meandering arguments.

It all depends, friends, it all depends…

As a very senior citizen, I just let go and state immoderate opinions once suppressed. Inhibitions, phooey.

As for sex, drinks just won’t enhance anything anymore. Once, two martinis put me in top form; one or two more just made me think the top form was there.

An evening visit from young friends similarly tongue-loosened by a beer or two is educational. They teach me their new lingo and other astonishing things about 21st century relationships and mores. Better than those cocktail parties where the alcohol just let loose tireome, egotistic, loudmouth bores.

Yeah, the question is about alcohol, but EVERYONE younger than I also use a bit of marijuana, too. One said a joint made him horny as hell; another said it mainly made his testicles tingle.

So, brew in the refrigeratior is like an encycopedia for me. The hand that grabbed a beer turned another page and a different subject was explored.

With apologies to Omar, a couple of fragments remembered:
“Ah, with the grape my fading life provide
And wash my body whence the soul has died.”

“…repentence oft I swore, but was I sober when I swore?
And then, and then came Spring and rose in hand
My threadbare penitence apieces tore.”

Forget amazing power and accept moderate pleasure.

I’m with ultrafilter on the video games. I consider myself fairly good at shooters like Unreal Tournament and Medal of Honor, but get a couple of beers in me and I’m pretty deadly. However, there is a line where performance begins to decline rapidly around the 6-7 beer mark. If I switch to grenades, I can hold out for a few more, but after around 10 beers I’m as dangerous as a newborn puppy.

“To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems” - Homer Simpson

A drink or two makes me the most pliant two-step or waltz partner around—you lead it and I’ll follow. I don’t anticipate a move, I am just there to do your will. A few more drinks and I turn into the Ann Landers of the fashion world. ( Doesn’t she have a full-length mirror at home? Home Depot has them on sale—I’ll be right back—she needs to know… Lemme go! )

The consumption of moderate amounts of alcohol actually causes me to lose an amazing power – I become utterly abysmal at lip-reading, at which I’m normally quite good at.

Not good if you’re severely-to-profoundly deaf.

Hence my vow never to get drunk.

It becomes much easier to produce polished academic prose if I have a drink or two while writing. On the other hand, reading other people’s academic prose gets harder, and reading obscure dialects of middle English is just impossible. So I can write, but I don’t necessarily know what I’m writing about.

My ability to speak Spanish also improves, probably because the ol’ social inhibitions are lowered. Unfortunately, I also tend to think I can speak French, German, and Czech, which I cannot.

I get much better at performing major surgery, and piloting jumbo jets becomes more natural.

I went 2 for 3 in a softball game this week while I was half-drunk. My catching skills went down, but my hitting went up. Go figure.

Oh, I forgot. I have a friend who says he golfs better in this state, because his muscles loosen up and he stops trying to swing the club like a baseball bat.

I get better looking. Does that count? :smiley:

My stammer disappears.
I slow down, but my physical co-ordination improves.

I get the exact same high after seeing a good movie in the theater. Especially if it’s an action flick.

After neither of these am I safe to drive.
Can’t concentrate on such mundane shit as where I’m supposed to be going…keep reveling in the feeling of how this world is a great place…

Okay, maybe that’s when I’m a tad more than “moderately” drunk…I’m such an extreme “lightweight” that it’s hard to tell.
Cheap date, that’s me.

Gee…I just realized…is alcoholism the way for me to go?
Hey, I’d be a GREAT alcoholic!
I don’t get hangovers. At all.

Just one problem:
I can’t stand the taste.

Skiing is much improved, with a mild alcohol buzz.

Of course, I think that’s only true if you’re a good skier already…