What ARE Batman's emergency plans?

So, I’ve heard a lot that Batman, the Ever-Prepared, keeps files on all his fellow superheroes, and included in said files are plans to stop/subdue them should they ever flip out and go rogue. Now, it’s obvious what the plan against Superman is: kryptonite. I think I heard this has been explicitly stated before, even. But that’s easy; it’s a well-known and powerful weakness to exploit.

But what if Batman needed to take out Wonder Woman, who’s much like Superman but without the convenient kryptonite weakness? What about The Flash? How would our Caped Crusader deal with someone that insanely fast?

Come to think of it, taking out Superman wouldn’t be easy. Supes must know–or at the very least suspect–that Batman has kryptonite. So, if Superman wants to start picking off his fellow heroes, it would make sense to get to Batman before he knows what’s going on and can retrieve his kryptonite sample. Batman would have to keep the kryptonite on him all the time to truly be prepared for Superman, but then he’d never be able to interact with him all that well in the meantime.

So, are any of Batman’s plans actually revealed or hinted at anywhere? If so, what are they? Do the other heroes know about them? If so, in what detail?

And because I expect the answers to the first two questions will be “No” and “Your guess is as good as mine,” well then, we’re smart people, let’s try it ourselves. Pick a superhero (hell, even Marvel heroes) and figure out how Bats would go about stopping their berserker rampage. Bonus points if the methods are non-lethal (after all, if there’s a chance the hero can be brought back to their senses later, why kill them?).

Alternately (and this may be more fun), turn the situation around. The Dark Knight is the one that goes crazy and tries to eliminate all superheroes in an attempt for global conquest or whatever. I imagine he’d go for Superman first. He’s potentially the most dangerous enemy, and his weakness is easy to exploit, especially given the element of surprise. It wouldn’t be long, however, that the other heroes would catch on and gang up on him, so he’d better have some real sneaky plans ready.

So what say you?

I didn’t read the series but I believe a couple of years ago they had a plotline where some villain hacked into Batman’s computer and used his plans to defeat most of the world’s heroes. So presumedly, regular readers have seen Batman’s secret plans in action, albeit not being performed by Batman himslef.

That would be this, I believe. And I think OMAC stuff was along those lines as well, though I don’t recall if they were targeting heroes as specifically.
They’re also currently doing a story addressing all of the people who’ve been using kryptonite against Superman lately.

Superman personally gave him his first piece of Kryptonite. So, yes, he knows he has some. He also knows that that’s far from the only thing he has.

The Bat has a lot of plans to [del]kill[/del]subdue his fellow heroes, several of which we’ve seen in action, or heard about directly.

For Superman, of course, the two obvious ones are Kryptonite and a red solar energy generator. He later adapted, at Superman’s request, the latter to keep Dru-Zod (Lois and Clark’s adoptive son, AKA Christopher)'s powers in check so he could go to school with normal kids. (It didn’t work out well. How badly, we won’t know until thr next issue of Superman.)

He also had a prototype OMAC (no human host) in storage to bring out if any heroes went bad. (Later melted down, after Brainiac tried to steal it.)

Speaking of OMACs, the Bat created the Brother Eye satellite, which was used to track metahumans and coordinate the OMACs by Max Lord.

His plans for the rest of the Justice League, as of Tower of Babel, where they were brought into play by Ra’s al Ghul (notice a running theme here?):

Martian Manhunter - coat him with nanotech which ignite in oxygen.
Flash - Tag him with a nano device which puts his body into what amounts to a superspeed grand mal seizure.
Aquaman - Induce hydrophobia (actual fear of water, not rabies).
Wonder Woman - Give her an illusion of being in an eternal battle.
Green Lantern (Kyle, at the time) - Hypnotize him so he thought he was blind, which, as a visual artist, messed up his ability to create constructs.
Plastic Man - Freeze him, and shatter him.

I have problems with most of them, beyond ‘his security sucks ass and his plans/gear keep getting stolen by villains’.

MM - Either lethal or ineffective - either his powers turn off and he burns to death, his powers don’t turn off too quickly for him to get to an oxygen-free environment, and you’ve got a pissed off telepath with a global range on your hands, or his powers turn off, the heroes put him in an oxygen free environment to keep him from dying, and…his powers turn back on while he’s a pissed off telepath with global range.
Flash - Assuming you can tag him (bad assumption for a powerless human who doesn’t trust the rest of the team), it’s torture, plain and simple. It’s also hazardous for anyone nearby - uncontrolled supersonic kicks, yay!
Aquaman - Only useful as a preventative. He has, at least, an hour before he starts to weaken, to wreak havoc.
WW - See Flash - torturous (even assuming ‘it’ll wear out her heart’ was just Ra’s posturing), and dangerous to those around her, as she remains up and fighting while in the illusion.
Kyle - Clever, non-lethal, not torture…but not guaranteed to work - even assuming he didn’t think to make the ring function as eyes for him (he didn’t), there’s a good chance it would only make his constructs messier and less defined - ie, he’s unable to make the result match his inner eye with no outer eyes, but he’s still able to get something. It turns out that it did work, though.
Plas - Even assuming the smash was Ra’s own flourish, that Plas would survive it was only a theory, at the time. It at least turned out to be true.
Superman - He had developed an alternate, potentially less lethal, form of Kryptonite to use. But it was untested, and, in his paranoia, probably wouldn’t have asked Clark to help test it. As it turns out, had he been evil, it would have made the situation worse, as it ended up ramping up his powers.

His red solar projector, as adapted to help Chris, at least, also made things worse - last we saw, he’d exploded.

I also have a problem with the fact that he’s the only one who knows the details of any of his plans - or even, pre ToB, that any of them save for the Kryptonite Superman gave him existed - which means if they were needed, and he was out of commission, everyone was screwed.