What are Bush's/the GOPs stances on these issues?

Let’s keep this non-partisan, please.

I have to get up in front of a group of students to give a speech about voting and stances. I found Kerry’s stances, but Im having trouble finding Bush’s. what are his stances on:

  1. What is bush/gop proposing to do to alleviate financial burdens on middle/lower class college students and their families?

  2. Is your bush/GOP considering re-instituting the draft for males 18-26?

  3. Following that, what is Bush proposing as further action in Iraq/Afghanistan? Please be as detailed as possible.

  4. What is Bush planning on doing about the economy and what state is it in now (Last part is opinion, I suppose)

What has bush done for the economy?

  1. Where does Bush stand (if he has a stance on this issue) on the legalization of marijuana?
    Out of personal opinion… Will the economy be “ready” for graduating college students or should we worry?

Thanks everyone!

Guns, God, and Gays. Oh, and 9/11 and Saddam gassed his own people.

Bush’s plan is outlined at his website and my answers are based upon my reading there.

Nothing specific which I can find in either the financial or education sections of his plan, beyond continuing the recent tax cuts.

There are no indications that there are plans to reinstitute the draft. (Point of fact: Kerry is the candidate who is claiming that enlistment will grow by 40,000 members under his watch. He does not explain how this will be possible with an all-volunteer military.)

There are no specific plans – for fairly obvious reasons – spelled out regarding Iraq or Afghanistan. However, news reports today indicate 11,000 additional soldiers are being deployed to Afghanistan to help secure against any disruption of their election process.

Read it for yourself.

There is nothing specific about this in his agenda but the GOP is opposed to any legalization and it’s unlikely that he’d differ.

That’s an entirely subjective question and not fit for GQ.

Point of fact. John Edwards has stated that “There will be no draft when John Kerry is president”.

On the legalization of the medical use of marijuana:

Mr. Bush stated during the 2000 campagn that medical marijuana was an issue to be decided by the states, not the federal government.

Now that he is in office, his position is clearly reversed. His Drug Enforcement folks have raided non-profit distribution centers in California, where state law made medical marijuana legal. His drug “czar” has personally campaigned against medical marijuana ballot issues. Those actions clearly express Mr. Bush’s position on that matter, though he has not said much on the issue since taking office.