What Are Galileo Thermomenters Filled With (Also: Does It Wreck Carpet?)

You know the things I’m talking about, Galileo Thermometers.

A CERTAIN SOMEONE just smashed ours. There is now stinky liquid all over the carpet. How Stuff Works says that Galileo Thermometers are filled with water but water is usually less greasy feeling and doesn’t stink like paint thinner.

We’ve wiped up the liquid as best we can, and we dumped some kitty litter on it to hopefully lift as much of it as we can, but if anyone can tell me what the liquid is likely to be then your assistance will be gratefully received. Any other advice on how to clean the carpet or how soon to expect the carpet to disintergrate would be appreciated.

From: http://www.weathershop.com/lcm_galileo_thermometers.htm

I don’t know if it will stain the carpet or not. Good luck, Cazzle.

This might help:



Think I’ll move that away from the fireplace…

Thank you all. Two days on, the smell isn’t as strong which means we can once again sit in the room without our eyes watering. I don’t know if the carpet is ever going to be the same again but thankfully it’s behind the computer desk (oh yeah, this could have been so much worse; a few inches to the right and it would have splashed all over three powerboards…).