"What are my bid?" -- Why are it plural?

Why not, “what is my bid?” Or, “what are my bids?” How did the common usage get started?

I always thought it was

What am I bid

“What am I bid”

Sounds like:

“What are my bid”

“What am i bid”. ibid

Hey this might be my only chance for a pile-on Lib.

To be fair, not everybody says the same thing the same way everywhere. Lib might have seen it on TV sometime.

Usage where? I have never heard of this phrase. When/where is it used?

I think it’s used by an auctioneer at an auction.

Also used in the card game of Bridge.

Ah. It are my southern ear. :slight_smile: Thanks, all.

The bridge phrase I’ve always heard is “what is the bid”, never “what am I bid?”

“What am I bid?” is correct and it means “What am I [being] offered?”

I’ve heard some people say variations like that (also when bidding at cards), and the exlanation to my mind was that it was part of a code to their partner. There’s a lot of that going on at auctions with shills in the audience.

In England (where a few people still speak English) auctioneers say “what AM I bid for this lovely pair of candlesticks, etc.”

Probably some thick twat got the wrong end of the stick and then started saying it at a cattle auction in Pisshole, Texas, and the phrase stuck. God bless the US of A!

Pisshole is in New York, isn’t it?

Probably, but do they hold cattle auctions there?

I got it, even if no one else did. :smack:

Um, yeah. A few people did.

But since you went out of your way to point it out…

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