What are other boards powered by?

If SDMB is powered by hamsters (hampsters to some), what are other boards powered by?

The Women’s Network is powered by hamsters, too, but only the females

Computer Forums is powered by the collective keystrokes of nerds playing video games

The Geneology Forum is powered by the psychic energy of Sylvia Browne, John Edward and James VanPraagh

James Randi’s JREF Forum is powered by a Loch Ness Monster clone in an aquarium of homeopathic water

The Humane Society Forum is powered by the barks of stray dogs in the pound

The Psychic Forums are powered by the love generated by Lekatt

The Bad Hair Day Forum is powered by [Phyllis Diller](http://www.delafont.com/comedians/ phyllis-diller.htm) and [Don King,](http://www.aboutfacesentertainers.com/ sample6.htm) with backup power provided by [Garry (How’s my hair?) Shandling](http://www.s-t.com/daily/05-98/ 05-31-98/digest.html)

Help me out, here…

A quick peek seems to indicate that the Psychic Forums are powered by credit cards.

Sorry, but you’re completely off base here. Of course their website is powered by the echos of quacks of ducks. Hence the rumor that these don’t echo: part of the sound is siphoned off to the website.

The AcmlmBoard Is powered by guys smacking ISDA supporters over the heads. With Fish.