What are other countries' personifications of your average guy?

Here in the US…

Legal use, such as a corpse appears with no name, someone in hospital (or TV hospital drama) has amnesia and can’t remember his name, he’s “John Doe”.

Casual conversation, your average person sometimes in a derogatory way is (a) “Joe Schmo”.

The average person, esp. perhaps in a political context, might be “John Q. Public” or probably less frequently “John Q. Citizen”.

Average person for an example in casual conversation such as storytelling is likely “John Smith”.

For female counterparts, equally (traditionally) common female names like Jane or Mary are substituted. Sometimes you see something like a Suzy just because it’s a little more creative.

But presumably an alpaca herder in Peru doesn’t spend much time considering what “Joe Schmo” thinks?

Don’t know about alpaca herders, but here in Ireland, I’ve seen Sean Citizen used. Never Sean Q. Citizen though.

The Average Joe article from Wikipedia provides a fairly comprehensive list of variants used in other countries (scroll about halfway down the page).


Leave it to the Hungarians (of which I’m one-onemillionth) to have Kiss Pista as an alternative

In the Netherlands we have Jan Modaal (similar to John Average). A politician tried introducing Henk en Ingrid as the average couple, but he seems to have failed so spectacularly that I know several people who feel ashamed of being called Ingrid.

In Brazil there is Zé Ninguém: Joe Nobody. Zé is from José, so like Joe from Joseph.