What are snow nuts?(Chinese restaurant)

There is a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant not far from me that I saw a poster they put up on the street by the door advertising a special that comes with snow nuts. :confused:

The picture really does look like some sort of nut too.

Maybe they mean snow peas or water chestnuts?

First, get one male Snow Leopard…

I used to get them when I was a kid, walking to school in winter.

Probably not this: http://www.alidasfruits.com/Snow-Nuts_p_50.html

Could they possibly mean lychee fruit?

Those look a little like a nut, I suppose.

Do you know if they were sweet or savory?

Gingko nuts, maybe?

Chinese restaurant manager: Hey, go put the sign for our new special up in the window.

Chinese resgaurant employee: Ok.

Chinese restaurant manager: And be sure to note somewhere that there’s no nuts in it. We’ve had issues with people with food allergies in the past.

LOL! That is likely correct. Also, it could be a way to attract gringos who don’t know any better to eat water chestnuts.

Walnuts in white chocolate?


The picture looked like some kind of round nut, like macadamias.

I’m actually gonna go get an order today and I’ll report back :slight_smile: