What are some cute physical features in humans?

In the concept of “kinderschema” physical features that are neonatal, are considered what is cute. These features make are what makes us say aww, when we see puppies, kittens and occasionally (but not always) human babies.

Some of the obvious features are: a large head to body ratio, a soft chubby body, big eyes, a short round face, short limbs, and a small button nose.

What are some other “cute” physical features, and are there any that are specific to us humans?

High cheek bones.


High cheekbones are considered attractive for both genders, but I’m not sure if its cute in a neonatal way. Babies tend to have low cheekbones but thick fleshy under-eye skin.

Freckles are definitely more prominent in children, but so is glowy-almost fake looking skin.
Adults freckles become hidden from overall tanning or makeup.
At the same time, some toddlers have skin thats so even in color it almost looks fake or plasticky.
So its hard to say which trait is more “cuter” or youthful.

ETA, my grandson has eyelashes to die for. Precious.

For humans, lack of facial hair (imagine a bearded baby - not so cute, is it?), which wouldn’t apply to other mammals.

Behaviourally, “baby talk” is considered cute (and might include a particular pitch as well, I’m no expert)

Smaller breasts being cute is likely human only, since most animals have their breasts only grow when they have milk in them, and so small ones don’t mean youth but fertility.

Elephants have cute eyelashes. Just a little more unruly!

High pitched voices and clumsiness would be two more. Lots of clumsy and squeaky “cute critters” on YouTube.

When my kids were babies the cutest thing to me were the fat, chunky legs that you want to pinch and the big open eyes that seem to take up so much space on that little baby face.

Smaller breasts are very cute on infants. :eek:

It’s the big eyes. Looking at eyes is not just cute, it’s even intimate.

Does “specific to humans” mean only humans find those traits to be cute, or they only look cute on humans?

Big, moist eyes. Pretty pouty mouth. Fat cheeks. All that makes a baby-face. Can’t resist.

Chubby lips. Maybe it’s not the chubbiness, but the expressiveness. Or maybe it’s a by-product of not having any teeth. But they’re so damn cute!

Chubby little fingers too! Can’t forget those. :slight_smile: