What are some good areas of indianapolis

I know a thread like this was made before here where someone asked what parts of Indianapolis were best but I can’t find it in the search function. If anyone can find it for me graci.

I am wanting to move to indianapolis in 2007 or so, and I was talking to my cousin who told me that about 6 years ago when he was walking home in Indy he got jumped and stabbed in the head. He showed me the scar, and now I’m worried since I have no idea which areas of Indianapolis are good and which are bad.

For the record, I don’t really care about school districts or how close I am to the commercial/cultural center of town (I will drive an extra 15 minutes to get to the good parts of town, I dont mind) I’m more worried about being stabbed in the head. Which areas of Indianapolis put me at the least risk of head stabbings? Is there a book(let) on the subject of Indianapolis neighborhoods?

Well, overall, Indy is a safe city. There aren’t many “bad” areas of town, but I suppose you can find trouble anywhere.

I live in Lawrence Township, which is pretty much in Indy, close to everything, cheap, and very nice.

Broad Ripple is cool if you like bars and partying, or if you want a nice, expensive home.

I don’t care for downtown, but a few friends live there and love it. There aren’t many grocery stores or gas stations, and to me, it seems really inconvenient.

The northside of town is considered nice. As is the southside, though, IMO, it’s very redneck and full of too much urban sprawl.

I’m sure someone will dig up the recent thread. Everything is pretty well explained there.

Take my post with a grain of salt. I left Indy 10 years ago, and it may have changed since then.

From what I recall, Indygrrl summed it up well.

The northside is nice, but a bit preppy and sort of suburban feeling. Some parts can be pretty pricey.

Broadripple is the artsy, funky area. Fun for young singles. It can be expensive though.

Downtown has some nice apartments and is also fun for young singles. The grocery store situation is difficult. When I was there we had one large O’Malia’s, but I hear that has closed. It is in walking distance of many nightlife activities though.

The southside is kind of redneck-y, but there are some nice areas there. You just have to hunt around.

There aren’t too many truly bad areas. I guess outside the immediate downtown area can get dicey.

I would have to agree overall with the previous comments. Indy is very “hit or miss” with the good/bad neighborhoods, although there are certain areas which are definately good, and others you probably wouldn’t want to go into after dark unless it’s your neighborhood.

I live on the northeast side, in the Castleton/Lawrence area. Himself & I like it because it’s close to our work, the rent isn’t too expensive, and it’s pretty convenient to most of the major streets/highways.

I have mixed agreement with the comments on the South side. I’ve never lived there, but Himself did; the rents are somewhat cheaper than the North side and there are pockets of redneckism (is that a word?) but it can also be very nice.

There are several suburbs that aren’t too far away from things but might be closer to what you’re looking for as far as safety/security.

The main thing to remember is that it’s a city of a decent sized population, and like any other major city, there are good things and bad things, crime here and there - but some really good stuff, too.

FYI, I’ve lived in Indianapolis (and environs) for over 20 years. Didn’t 100% grow up here, but have lived on almost every side of the city & a couple of the suburbs.

Hope this helps, some.

i live in the near eastside of indy, which is probably considered one of the rougher areas of town. it’s not bad at all. i had my garage broken into last year but i’ve had no problems otherwise. i had my car broken into when i lived in a gated apartment building on the northside, which is supposed to be safer, so you can never really tell.

i have friends in fountain square, and they like it. it’s also a little grittier, but quieter than my neighborhood.

broadripple, on the sort of northeast of downtown is pretty quiet, safe, and they have some funky shops and bars. but a little more expensive.

the near northside is great if you have deep pockets.

i like downtown personally. but i don’t have the cash, and i don’t want to live in an apartment anymore. there’s a noce big omalia’s grocery store downtown. it’s still a little inconvenient, but everything in cities ends up moving farther and farther from the city center. there’s only one target inside the 465 loop now, i think.