What are some good things to put in a panini?

Your opinions?

Aside from the usual stuff, I like to put in a few of those really salty dried olives, sliced so they lie flat.

I don’t know what “the usual stuff” is. I’ve only had a few in one restaurant, and tried a couple at home based vaguely on the ingredients from the feta cheese and the spicy avacado ones.

My old cafeteria used to serve roast beef, caramelized onions, mozzarella with a bit of horseradish sauce. Man, that was a good, crunchy sandwich.

Lately for me it’s been grilled chicken breast, pesto and provalone. Sometimes I’ll add a little capicola instead of the pesto.

Tomatoes, pesto, mozzarella, pine nuts…nom nom nom…

Brie. Good Lord, brie.

Heck, I haven’t had brie for ages. I need to go somewhere where getting good vegan food is really inconvenient so that I can have an excuse for having some brie.

I like roasted red peppers on my sandwiches.

Ham, Brie, caramelized onions, and honey Dijon.

Fig jam, goat cheese, and basil.

Prosciutto, roasted pear, and fontina cheese.

Damn I love the way you think!

That was fast.

Obligatory language gripe: in Italian, “panini” means “little loaves of bread”. Plural.

Panino would be correct albeit they don’t really eat them in Italy anyway.

Yeah I know it’s a loan word and exists in English in its own right yadda yadda, but it still annoys me. Similarly people saying “brush-etta” for “bruschetta” (broos-KET-ta) and “expresso” for “espresso”.

Anyway my favourite panini is the first I ever saw, which was in Cyprus in 1991 and comprised fried halloumi, tomato and piccalilli, ham optional. Glorious.

Man, I can’t get over the pizza place of my youth… they had an Italian sub that was finished in the Pizza Oven- Cappiacola, Salami, Proschutt, Pizza sauce, Mozz, and anything else you wanted.

That’s the one ingredient I always add to mine. I think they add a lot of “juiciness” and moisture to the sandwich.

A few years ago at a restaurant I had a panini with chicken, cheese, and a roasted red pepper - I liked it so much that this is what I usually put on my homemade ones.

The two panini I was most fond of when I visited Italy was one made solely with porchetta and another that had breseola, arugula, and mozarella. Breseaola is a bit hard to find here so I substitute prosciutto.

So there aren’t a lot of vegetarian paninis?

Minced garlic might be good, depending on the other contents. With feta and pesto.

This summer I was really in to roasted summer squash (coated in Italian dressing) and goat cheese paninnis.

I also made one of roasted eggplant, red onion, red pepper with mozzarella. Mmmm…

My college had one with some sort of beef and blue cheese. My senior year only. Dammit!

Thank you for saving me the trouble of bitching about this. :slight_smile: