What are some non-US English language newspapers or news sites?

I’m looking for well-respected mainstream news sources from outside the US. There’s the BBC of course, but what else?

**Al Jazeera **is fairly respected outside America. Owned by the Ruling Family of Qatar.

I like CBC.ca, theglobeandmail.com, national post.com, the guardian.com, economist.com and macleans.ca – you may or may not.

By Country:
Sydney Morning Herald
The Age
Globe and Mail
Jerusalem Post
The Times of India
The Hindu
Express Tribune

Various UK outlets and Al-Jazeera have been mentioned.

Germany: Der Spiegel

AK84’s list is good. I would add the National Post from Canada - it has the advantage of often re-printing Washington Post articles, if you’ve used up your monthly quota of free articles from WP.

I think this is better suited to IMHO.

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Not so much news as ongoing comment and analysis:


And though I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Guardianista, you might like to check out some of the broadsheet competition in the UK:
Telegraph - Conservative, but not hysterically so
Independent- not politically committed

Two papers from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that I read when living there (99-03). Not a lot of original or ‘in-depth’ reporting (it is a kingdom/oligarchy after all, and you don’t want to upset the ruling families), they do give a picture on what is being thought about (or what the rulers think about) things in that part of the world.

Big stories now are the impact of Trump’s visa ruling and apparently Trump, in his calling world leaders part of the day, did phone H.H. Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, the head honcho in the UAE and hereditary ruler of Abu Dhabi.

They aren’t shining examples of stellar journalism, but these two publications in Indonesia do the best they can:

Jakarta Globe
Jakarta Post, affectionately known as JakPo

In Singapore, there is the Straits Times.

Well, I can’t say the average US Media outlet is known for in-depth, no-holds-barred, intensely researched reporting
And I say that as someone who dislikes all news media. Maybe sometime back in the 1940s when news-sheets were the size of naval flags, reporters were worshipped as gods in their own minds, and people had far too much time to kill on Sunday Afternoons; but not recently.

Nowadays they like to sell you something. 'Lookit this great new furniture in review ! Throw out your old stuff." A news-story may get 10 punchy paragraphs the size of tweets.

Must have made the Sheikh’s day.

Hong-Kong based South China Morning Post - still respected I think, although they have been accused lately of being too much under the Government’s thumb.

Depending on how strict your ‘outside the US’ criterion is - Radio Free Europe - this is totally US funded, but certainly not US-centric.

Seconding Al-Jazeera, and adding http://www.abc.net.au/news/ from the Australian Broadcasting Company. It’s very much in the vein of the BBC; which probably isn’t surprising.

From Japan, there’s:

The Mainichi News, which has a pretty good selection of domestic news in English. World news tends to be Japan-related or Asia-Pacific. Note: They used to be notorious for their “WaiWai Page” which ran translations of the more fantastic/salacious gossip rags. The paper ended that about ten years back, dismissed the editor, and has expunged any trace from their site.

The Asahi Shimbun, good blend of domestic and international news, though my friends there complain that they do too little original reporting and instead just translate the Japanese version. Left-leaning.

The Japan News, the English version of The Yomiuri Shimbun. Right-leaning (as in, the Nanking Massacre used to never appear unless preceded by “so-called”)

And of course Nikkei has lots of business news.

The Japan Times, which is mostly international newswire stories with some local editorial/commentary articles nowadays. Used to be good, but has fallen a long way.

I should mention both of these outlets are left-leaning. The ABC, mentioned elsewhere in the thread, is probably the closest to a “middle of the road” online Australian news outlet for an international reader.

The BBC also has good coverage of the major Australian stories as well.