What are some things you just can't live w/o?

For me it’s water, my hair straightener and eyeliner! I’d die w/o these things:eek:!

Really? Seriously, you would die without hair straightener and eye liner? (Water, I get.) But hair straightener and eye liner are that important to you? Wow.

I really can’t think of anything that I literally couldn’t live without. Besides water, air, food, that sort of thing.
My morning coffee come close. But if it were to go away, I’d live just fine.

LOL yes! I know it sound extremely superficial but w/o them I’d be looking a mess!

Reading material.

If anyone ever wanted to break me, all they’d have to do is lock me in a room without anything to read for a couple of days.

I love your honesty. :smiley:
Fine. I’ll add: Chapstick. I’m addicted to the stupid stuff.

LOL awesome:).

Coffee, something to read, and (as much as I hate to admit it,) a smart phone. And I could live, but not happily, without Aveeno (or store brand equivalent) cleanser and moisturizer and Aquafina lip balm, and my stand mixer.

Paracetamol. I have a toothache and my dentist is away.

JIF peanut butter. It’s an important staple of my diet.

Books, oxygen, and my favorite blue jeans…i am simple in my wants and needs

Intelligent and engaging conversation.

Lotion, black cherry water and my dog. I think everything else is pretty much negotiable.

My organs.

Other humans.

Books, music, and kitties!

Reading material and internet access. And kitties. When I travel, I’m all a-twitch because even if I have some reading material, and maybe some wifi, I don’t have my kitties, and I don’t have my preferred computer. My husband occasionally asks me if I wouldn’t like to take a vacation out of town, and my standard reply is that I’ve got pretty much exactly what I want here at home.

Reading material - books - definitely. I don’t think there’s been a day in my life that I haven’t had at least one book going. Count me as another who’d go batshit locked away with nothing to read.
And my dogs.


The convenience of having a driver’s license.

Cats. And books. And tea.

Lotion. For most of my adult life, I have been somewhat “addicted” to lotion, with Suave Cocoa Butter being my product of choice. Every single time I wash my hands, I have to rub lotion on them, because I absolutely hate how dry they feel otherwise. I keep a bottle in my desk at work and a small one in my purse so that I am never without it. Yes, I am crazy.