What are some things you like about spring??

Ahhhhhh spring. What are some things that come to your mind when spring arrives?

Gentle breezes, The song, Green Green Grass of home always comes to my mind this time of year…kinda smarmy and silly huh? Springtime has that effect on me. And I especially like the way the air smells just after a rain storm. The clear, still cool nights are nice too, when you can just open a window and let the gentle spring breezes waft over your body. No need for the air conditioner. Bye bye old man winter hello warming, life giving sunshine!

And everything is sooo fresh and new…a new beginning as it were, life springing forth from the wellspring of nature…. good old mother earth.

Of course, the new growth coming from the soil is always surprising. Bluebonnets and dogwood creeping up out of the ground showing their yet unfurled delicate deep rich colors.

I must confess however, that I am a little allergic to Bluebonnets…they make my skin itch and my nose runs sometimes if I get too close to them. But they are still beautiful to look at.

I guess the only, if even slight complaint ( heck if you would even call it a complaint) I have about spring is that the ticks are kinda bad so far this year. I have found two on my dog and one crawling on the floor next to my bathtub. I burned it to death with a lit match cause I am sorta repulsed by them in the first place. heh.

And while I am at it, did I mention that the goddamned mosquitoes are starting to hatch too? The bloodthirsty bastards are already circling my patio. I bought some agricultural strength foggers…course it made me sick while spraying it, and meantime the half-inch sized buzzing mosquito motherfuckers,just laughed in the face of it.

Sheeet that reminds me, I nearly stepped on a huge fucking snake down by my pond yesterday!! The fucking spring sun warms the cold blooded sonofabitches up and brings them out of hiding you know. The fucker was as big around as my arm…I don’t know what kind it was… didn’t care…I chopped his head off with a shovel and threw his ass in a ditch. I will not abide a slithering slimy assed snake on my property spring or no spring. I get pissed too, when I think about the fire ants that have infested my yard, swarming all over your feet and getting down in your socks, their last dying act being to sink their goddamn quarter inch stingers as deep into your skin as they can before their little bodies are crushed to death by frantic, itching fingers.

And two nights ago straightline winds gusting up to 60 mph ripped the friggin shingles right off my tool shed! I mean, don’t we have enough problems here in Oklahoma fighting ignorance alone, without world-class spring tornadoes terrorizing the fucking dogs and kids?? Holy shit… the rain that followed would have strangled a king sized everglade frog. And today the goddamned mud is as deep as a high ass on a tall Indian… and I won’t go into the birds…no… no… I won’t mention the giant fucking egret that arrives every spring swooping down on my pond eating the 400 dollars worth of stocker fish I just put in there or the sparrows that are not happy unless they are shitting all over my truck or the terrorist wasps that are building pie sized nests right on my front porch……or the…

but… err… ahem… seriously…

I love spring………no really!

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No reptiles, insects or fowl were actually harmed during, before or after the story contained in the original post.

Welll maybe the ticks were. eww

One of the few to be personally welcomed to this board by Ed Zotti.

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Oh my God. Stop it, you’re killing me here. (Note to self: never, ever read a post authored by aha while you’re drinking Diet Pepsi. It stings.)

Some things I like about spring… hmmm. Well, I live in Florida, it’s been spring for going on two months now, so I guess you could say that I like the fact that it comes so close on the heels of Christmas. That’s a plus, especially when you’ve just shelled out $500 for winter clothes. Also, I enjoy the feel of scratching the grapefruit-sized welt that the goddamn horsefly left on my shoulder while I was at the beach. That’s fairly soothing. I adore being lulled to sleep by the gentle bellowing of the alligator that has taken up residence in the pond next to my apartment.

But nothing says spring like the ritual locating of the first rabid raccoon. I get all teary just thinking about it.

The pollen, of yes the wonderful pollen that makes your eyes swell shut every morning and tears the lining right out of your sinuses. That’s always a wonderful sign of spring. I wash my car, next day there is this yellow film clinging to it. If that’s not bad enough, grass. Not the beautiful green carpet kind, I’m talking the patches of wirey mess. The kind that tears the string right out of your weed-eater. Forget the lawn mower, no need to mow dirt.
Yep, spring is my most favorite time of year.

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I’ve learned that if someone says something unkind about me, I must live so that no one will believe it.

Okay, okay, I’m overlooking the pollen thing and mowing issues. And, sorry folks, there are no arguments strong enough to save ticks. (“Gee, wonder if we can grow some nice leeches in the kiddie wading pool?”)

And this year I’m gonna put up my bat house. They eat tons of mosquitos. Besides, I like bats and don’t much like my twitchy, yuppie neighbors who are afraid bats would divebomb the hot tub. Besides, there’s some real potential for amusement value there…

But (AHEM!) back on topic…I really, really love opening the windows and letting that soft, fresh air through the house. Bliss.

Also, asparagus: tender little stalks, lightly steamed with butter and lemon. (Or better still, dipped in lemony hollandaise.)

Strawberries: eaten as is, sliced over a crepe, sliced over ice cream, tossed into salads…oh, yum.

Everything greening up and the spring flowers blooming. It’s so neat after the duns and grays and whites of winter.

G’head, be grumps. Remember taking 10 minutes to put on coats, boots, gloves, etc. and THEN having to scrape ice off the windshield before you could go anywhere? I’ll take a little mowing anyday.


Spring in Michigan. What can I say? It’s glorious.

The icy breezes, the groundskeepers shoveling the snow from our new Comerica Park stadium so the Tigers can play baseball, the frost on my windshield. Then waking up the next morning to hear a bunch of completely confused birds chirping “What the hell? Should we come back or not? Screw you guys…I’m going back to Florida.”

It’s lovely here this spring…

Cristi, Slayer of Peeps

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Nope. I live in Florida. :smiley:

(PS: I really do love spring.)

I love to open my windows come spring, and let the sound of cars driving by on wet pavement lull me to sleep, and then to wake up with the pollen infested air blowing over me completley unable to breathe. And to watch it snow over the tulips that have been waiting so long to come up, so I could mow their damn leaves off. To watch the hedge grow to great heights and then with allergies and all, trim the worm infested bastard as I step in random piles of cat shit.

Oh, the joy.

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The tears of joy as the warm sun rains benevolently down on the budding leaves… oh, wait – shit! Those aren’t tears of joy! Arg! My eyelids are swelling shut! Fucking pollen! Where’s the Claritin?

“It’s a sunny little doomed planet, inhabited by a number of frisky little doomed animals.”

The first hummingbirds came today!

Don’t you dare pick em off with your BB gun, aha, or I’m headed up to Okey Dokey with a U-Haul fulla ticks!

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I like the way women dress in the spring and summer. Only, of course, because they look much more comfortable than in winter. :wink:
mangeorge (A generous soul)

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I hate spring. The whole house stinks like mildew because the carpets get damp and they stay that way until the never-ending furnace of summer kills off the spores. I hate the way the yard looks, I hate having to beg and plead with the Mr. to help me plant SOMETHING, I hate the fact that the school year is drawing to a close because I just hate summer more than anything else. I should just move to an igloo in the Arctic Circle and be done with it.

I know I know…life sucks then you die.

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Okay, now ya went and did it. First it was BluePony, driving in the balmy FL sunshine and GLOATING about it when it was still snowing up here.

No, no, don’t sue for mercy. ::zap!:: Mildew permeates your lingerie drawer, palmetto bugs infiltrate your screens and weird frogs/lizards creep across your sunny walls.

{insert smiley here, out of deference to Chief Scott)

(P.S. Got a guest room???)

BOING SPROING BOUNCE (there’s a reason my teenage nickname was Tigger).

I love spring. I like autumn better, but I love spring. I get major cabin fever, and letting me out in the spring is an incredible experience.

I like the smell of flowers in the trees, the fact that the squirrels and birds come out to play, and the smell of dirt after a good rain.

I also like being able to skip down the street in my Docs with shorts on and not have people start at me funny (well, ok, not too much - not as much as when I do it in wintertime grin). Besides, spring is when other people are most likely to forgive me for being… yes, the horrible, evil, scary word… PERKY!

I’m short, blonde, busty, and PERKY! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! (be afraid, be very afraid :slight_smile: )

bouncing down the boulevard, skipping down the street.

Just what we need, another short, perky, busty, blonde.

** Sigh. So many men, so few who can afford me ** Original by Wally

I’ve learned that if someone says something unkind about me, I must live so that no one will believe it.

'Tis okay, Veb, seeing as how the rest of the country somehow manages to exact its revenge in the summer, when the bugs grow to the size of small vehicles and the humidity runs around 157% and we spend half the time on fire and the other half at the grocery store preparing for the monster hurricane bearing down on us.

And the snakes. Don’t even get me started on the snakes.

Seasons - what seasons?!!!

Spring lasts a few weeks here before it goes straight to hot/summer/spf 40+ weather that lasts until Thanksgiving when we have autumn until February. In February we have mystery weather - where we have a few days of winter alternating with days of spring.

Nice things: Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrushes, Indian Blankets (beautiful and they even last into the summer), RAIN, the promise of tomatoes and other goodies in the garden, not sweating everytime I step outside, going barefoot in the city, wasps now find homes other than the chimney.

Not-so-nice-things: snakes (copperheads and rattlers in the roads and cottonmouths in the tank) which make fishing and going for walks hazardous, allergies, wind that will blow a newborn calf clear across the pasture, flies, mosquitos, horseflies, the fear of summer.

Aha - you need some armadillos to eat your ants. We’ve got plenty. I’ll send some to you.

And I haven’t seen a scorpion in the house since December. I guess that’s a nice thing too.

Quote from Cristi:

You mean that two weeks in late May between the snows of winter and the heat of summer? :wink:
Doug (from the sooner spring state of Ohio)

Ahhhhhhh spring…
Halter tops and shorts appear on the ladies.
Planting trees and gardens.
Fixing broken doors.
Spring Cleaning.
Fertilizing the lawn.
Fixing windows adding screens.
Washing the deck.
Scooping a winter’s worth of melting doggy doo.
Rototilling, pruning trees, clearing the gutters, tuning the mower, watering, cleaning the garage…

Dang! - I got work to do.

%@^~*&@# spring…

Take care.