What are some wines that go nicely with eggplant?

Tonight I’m making baked eggplant stuffed with tomatoes, onions, peppers, breadcrumbs, thyme and feta and I’m looking for a nice wine to try with it.

I make this maybe once every other month or so, but it’s a nice filling vegetarian alternative once in a while. We’re also novice future wine aficionados.

I think we normally drink a merlot or a pinot noir with it…Maybe even savignon blanc or pinot grigio.

Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions or personal preferences given the ingredients.

Thanks in advance!

Eggplant is pretty mild, so I’d try to match the wine to the other flavors - tomatoes and feta are the big ones, and really, almost anything would go nicely with those, assuming the feta isn’t overpowering.

If the tomato flavor is really heavy - like a marinara - they might overpower a white. A Pinot or a Merlot would be fine. Or if you’re looking for something different, something big, like a Shiraz or Malbec would work.

Thanks Athena! I ended up grabbing another merlot and a Zinfandel from Argentina.

The tomato flavor is very light. The feta and the oregano (it’s fresh oregano, not thyme) are probably the most prominent flavors. I added both red and green peppers and some cubanelles to try and pull the flavor from the feta a bit.

We’ll see which wine the man will pick when he gets home…but next couple of times I will definitely pick up a Shiraz and a Malbec. Thanks again!

I find a good blanc-de-noir/vin gris or rosé goes nicely with eggplant dishes, myself. Eggplant , IMO, doesn’t like tannins, so a lot of reds are out, but needs something with just a little body.ETA: White Zinfandel could do, too.

Aw, what the hay, I’ll pick up a few bottles of those, too! Thanks MrDibble!