What are the best movie trailers ever?

Try to post a link from Movie List if possible. They have a good amount of trailers.

I’d say two really good trailers were:
Dark City **

I remember seeing this trailer in the theater. I had no idea what the movie was about, still had no idea what the movie was about after the trailer, but wanted to see it immediately. It helps that the movie itself was fantastic.

**Phantom Menace Trailer 1 **

It’s the one listed as Trailer A. The movie ultimately sucked, but the trailer made me believe this wold be an excellent movie. Ah, how foolish I was.

The trailer for LotR Two Towers was pretty good. It had a good music backing to the Helms-deep battle scene.

The best trailer of all time:


“What do you mean, no ‘In a world’?”

Hands down, Hitchcock’s *Psycho *.


Still thinking, but one that instantly grabbed me was the one for Primer

Disney’s The Lion King. My ex and I saw that shorly after we found out she was pregnant, and we both just cried and cried. Very effective.

The original trailer for The Exorcist was deemed too frightening, and replaced. I just watched it again, and it still gives me the shakes.

Thirded, especially after seeing it at the end of Fellowship of the Ring.

I remember I loved the trailer for the Ethan Hawke version of Great Expectations- good music, pretty people, a little drama. Then I said, well, okay, that’s done with!