What are the 'crew' saying in The Beatles Yellow Submarine?

Been listening to The Beatles No 1 disc recently and was wondering if there’s a definitive source as to what the ‘crewman’ are saying during the middle? All I’ve ever discerned is:
[li]something something Full steam ahead[/li][li]Aye aye sir[/li][li]Captain Captain[/li][/ul]
And are all the lines spoken by band members? If so which ones? The fake crewman who repeats all of Ringo’s lyrics and does that goofy laugh at the end definitely sounds like Lennon.

As usual Google is your friend…

I believe that would be “Full speed ahead it is, sir”.

And yes, it’s Lennon parroting the lines of the last verse.

I always thought someone in the background was saying, “Up periscope.” However, I could be wrong.

“Station the maneuvering watch.”

Not regarding lyrics, it isn’t. Too many sites have what someone thinks they hear and what you quote is one of those. When it comes to lyrics, the sheet music is your friend and the best to my recollection it goes:

Seconding that google is no friend when it comes to lyrics.

The Beatles Complete Scores by Hal Leonard Publishing has:

Full speed ahead Mr. Boatswain. Full speed ahead.
Full speed ahead it is, Sgt.
Cut the cable. Drop the cable.
Aye, Sir Aye.
Captain, Captain.

This source is often right (and sometimes wrong.)

There are sergeants on submarines?

Ringo also sings “In our yellow CLUBmarine” in the final line of the last verse, but that never makes it onto the sheet music!

Only the yellow ones.