What are the current Friends or Seinfeld-type show?

you know, with no real important plot or purpose. no murders to solve, no one to rescue. just friends hanging out doing nothing.

How I Met Your Mother.

The Big Bang Theory.

hmm, so also Community, The Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Raising Hope and maybe the Walking Dead.

Parks and Rec

ETA, I’m just adding Parks and Rec to the list, but I think Big Bang Theory is probably the most similar to Friends or Seinfeld.

The Walking Dead?

Pretty much any sit-com? I guess there are a few sitcoms with more serious plots, but I think the vast majority fit the description of “no murders to solve, no one to rescue. just friends hanging out doing nothing.”

Well, both Friends and Seinfeld were about a group of friends hanging out, as opposed to a family comedy (e.g., The Cosby Show) or a workplace comedy (e.g., The IT Crowd). So not every sitcom is like it.

yeah Raising Hope is family comedy isn’t it? The Walking Dead, well, is about a group of friends hanging out on a farm for a season, then a prison…

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

In addition to Community, my second favorite sitcom is Episodes on showtime. It even has Matt LeBlanc playing himself. (As well as the amazing Tamsin Greig.) Just started its third season and has been renewed for 4.

While the early episodes didn’t have much of the “friends hanging out” vibe, as the people have gotten to know each other and spend time together, that part is becoming more important.

Does Curb Your Enthusiasm count as current? There’s talk about a ninth season. I’d certainly call it Seinfeld-like.

I’m not sure I’d even call them friends. Bonds may have formed between them due to the circumstances, but if the apocalypse ended, I don’t think they’d go rent an apartment together.

The Exes! On TVLand! It’s, what, three divorced guys living in an apartment across the hall from their divorce lawyer, and they hang out. It’s no Frasier or Seinfeld, but it’s often hilarious in its dumb way.

Unlike the appallingly bad Kirstie Allen show that follows. OMG, is that bad! I think the writers purposely write unfunny, lame dialog and stupid situations. Plus the cast is plug-ugly and hateful.

Cougar Town…I have no idea why I still watch this show and I think it is on my list to drop, but this show takes “doing nothing” to brand new levels. They seriously do absolutely nothing but drink wine and play games and…well, nothing.

I suppose you could say it is a character study - but the scripts from Cougar Town are absolutely without anything resembling a plot or storyline. I pity the poor schmuck who has to try to come up with an episode synopsis for TV guides.

I just finished watching The IT Crowd and there were certainly quite a few similarities between it and both shows.

I liked it quite a bit more, though. It streams on Netflix, folks.

Archer is probably the closest I can come right now.

Happy Endings! I was so disapointed when they cancelled after 3 seasons, but vh1 just started airing reruns.

That’s a good example.

I’ve heard It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia described as “Friends but all the characters are sociopaths.”

This is the rated R version of Seinfeld. Larry David is a very creative guy. I couldn’t imagine anyone could come up with a show better than Seinfeld, but he did it. He has the same goofy side characters that made Seinfeld so popular, but instead they get to swear and say things that are both politically incorrect and funny at the same time.

Ex. Jeff’s wife Susie, who gets to say things like “you fat fuck” to her husband, and “you bald fuck” to Larry. Marty Funkhowser and lLeon Black are other great characters. (Richard Lewis is a no-talent ass-hat, but David gets a pass for all of the other great casting choices he’s made over the years.)

He is in a class by himself, and he’s on top of the pile of creative minds for the sitcom genre.

The Big Bang Theory was my second thought.