What are the current names of cheap 350 w. ATX power supplies

I am used to replacing as needed the power supplies which may go bad.
A recent one ‘went bad’ from a faulty outlet.

The brand I’ve had lately is Diablotek. But every time I look at egg or someplace
the names change.

Also the cheapest ones have only one SATA which are useless.

The goal is an ATX 350 under $20.00 with four SATA. I have not been able to make any

Where do you at The Straight Dope go to find such an item? Even used. Ebay has not been much help b/c these days the specs displayed are incomplete.

As to the pricing sites, those change too. I don’t know what’s what.

Get a used PC at a yard sale.

Why so hung up on 350 watts? Having a higher rated power supply may be overkill, in that it can supply more than your PC will draw, but it won’t hurt anything. And you’re way more likely to find a higher rated power supply with 4 SATA connectors near your price range than hunting for something that hasn’t been in the PC mainstream for like a decade.

Et voila. A 485w power supply with 4 SATA connnectors for $22.99.