What are the "dog days" of summer to you?

This is not a GQ. I know the origins of the term, but I seriously doubt that most people are thinking about dogs or the “Dog Star” when they use the term.

So. . .

If you use the term (and I don’t, so I can’t offer an opinion), what does it mean to you?

Up here we’ve got the first Monday of August off so I’d say the dog days are the Tuesday following that until the Labour Day weekend.

It’s the days when we can see Sirius before sunrise, isn’t it? The Dog Star?

In my personal life, it’s the time just after Sirius Rising, a neopagan festival which I assume is scheduled when, uh, Sirius rises. But maybe that’s just metaphorical.

When I was a kid, though, I thought it meant the really hot part of late July/early August when it was so hot even the dog just wanted to lie around panting and eating ice cubes on the porch. :smiley:

When it’s too late in the baseball season to have hopes that your team can still make a comeback but too early for the games to really matter for the playoffs and it’s still preseason football. In other words, all of August.

Everything in the landscape is starting to die off.

Whenever there’s more than 30 days of 100°F temperatures in a row :wink:

(Out here, that’s every summer)

Those completely hot, torpid, August days where the heat shimmers and rises of the pavement and the dogs flop on the porches, too hot to be bothered to bark or chase. Still, hot, bright, late summer days.

That’s what I assumed “dog days” meant when I was a kid, and that’s the general meaning the phrase still evokes to me.

To me it’s when the temperature AND the humidity are in the upper 90’s.

It’s hot and humid and the poor dogs pant all the time because they don’t have other ways to cool themselves off.

We are in what I consider the dog days now. The the temperature and humidity are close to unbearable. Its 90+ by 8:00am. Its too hot outside to do anything but , maybe swim. The fun of summer is overand you are just counting the days until fall and a break in the temperature.

“Back to school” bugs during the day and “gee-gee” bugs at night.

“Back to school” bugs are dog-day cicadas. These are annual cicadas, as opposed to periodic cicadas. The sound they make is WEEEEEEEE-oooooo, WEEEEEEEE-oooooo, WEEEEEEEE-oooooo. We called them “back to school” bugs as kids because, when we heard them, it meant summer was on the wane and school was around the corner.

The “gee-gee” bugs are katydids. GEE-gee. GEE-gee. How anyone ever got “Katy did! Katy didn’t!” from that sound is beyond me.

The lazy and hot days of summer… I think I had more of them when I was younger with summers off from college. Those really were the dog days of summer - not a care in the world, a pool to lounge by, and the thought of being able to do this forever. I have fond memories of those dog days.