What are the essential Elder Scrolls Oblivion mods?

I’m playing PC non-Steam Oblivion and am not really familiar with the modding community.

I assume for most mods, I just put the mod file in the Data folder and choose it from data files on the launcher screen. Anything too much more complicated than this, and I probably won’t want it.

Anyway, what are the essential mods for Oblivion? I’m especially interested in gameplay ones, but I’m open to literally any mods that you think are worth it.


OOOis great and really changes the gameplay and enemies you’ll face. I don’t remember installation being tricky.

I didn’t get too heavily into mods, but I’ll second Oscuro’s Oblivion overhaul. It’s a well thought set of changes to virtually the entire game world.

On a purely cosmetic level, I’m a big fan of the Unique landscapes projects. They make trekking across country much more interesting.

The one that lets you see if you already grabbed reagents. Harvester? Harvest?

There are a lot of decent single-use mods. Like ones that make vampires better, if you decide to go that way. Or one that fixes Khajit Night Eye, if you use one of them.

The harvest mod is included in OOO.

Yeah, well… it’s still cool!

Shows how long ago I’ve played.

I picked up Oblivion during the Steam Summer Sale. (Game of the Year Bonus edition for about $10.) I’ve heard good things about the OOO. Can I install it using the Nexus Mod Manager, or will I need to know what I am doing?

Well, you can check out the Youtube videos in the spoiler box for a different (i.e., naked) kind of mod:

Mild stuff, really, but kinda funny.

My naked mod for Oblivion and Skyrim is called “Daggerfall.”

Harvest Flora. It really is a must, as are the “Unofficial Oblivion Patch” and the unofficial DLC patches.

Let me update this post with what I’ve found:

Harvest Flora

Vilja - best compainion. I’m forgetting this game is primarily a solo experience. She comments on almost every quest, including non-main quests.

Book Sleeves - Makes books look way better.

Various Potions - makes each potion look different

Elven Maps - Makes the world map look 1000% better. I’ve forgotten how bad the original map was.

Unofficial patch - basically fixes the game.