Your fav Oblivion mods

I recently got Shivering Isles and reinstalled Oblivion to play. Along the way I popped in Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul (which is tough but vastly superior to the basic game) and Kobu’s Avanced Character System. I also got a “reagents vanish when you harvest them mod”.

But what’s your favorite? What makes the game extra-special to you? Something really nice?

Unique Landscapes Compilation (do a search at on “Unique Landscapes” to see the individual ones), an ongoing project to make Oblivion’s landscape less bland. Some of these areas are absolutely breathtaking.

That’s cool. One of my biggest complaints about Oblivion was how monotonous the scenry was when compared to Morrowind.

Just discovered a few Unique Landscape videos on youtube. YMMV, depending on your rig, of course.

Midas’s Magic is a good one for mages, some ridiculous stuff in there, summon a flying carpet, summon vines to entangle your enemies or boulders to crush them…

Kvatch Rebuilt is a good one too; I got sick of seeing Kvatch as a smoking ruin with the citizens permanently moping about in their camp, this mod lets you rebuild it and (if you want) become count. Good stuff.